Summer Essentials Sew Along: an ode to Colette Patterns

I know I´m not the only Colette Patterns enthusiast out there, but may I say: I adore Colette Patterns. Sewing up an item using a Colette Pattern is like reading a good book. You never want it to end. And even though I might stumble on the way, the well written and detailed instructions pick me up time after time.

So far I´ve stiched together a Parfait, a Sencha and half a Ceylon, and I wish there were a million other patterns too (I have a Beignet waiting to be sewn, and of course autumn/winter versions of the others as well). Seriously, I catch myself in prolonging the sewing process because I want it to last longer.

Sewing a Colette Pattern encourages me to be a better seamstress. It brings out the good qualities of patience, enthusiasm and thoroughness in me, where say, a Burda Magazine Pattern often (but not always) bring out the complete opposites.

Because of the more tailored fit I find it easier to fit the items to my shape. And on a scale from 1 to 10, how cute is the design of the instruction books?

If all this wasn’t enough, the home of Colette Patterns, is a great source of inspiration, tips and hints. For instance, this blog post written by Zoe inspired me to use piping for some of the seams of Ceylon. You see? Everything fits together and make for one big fantastic indie pattern company.

All of this is off course the brain child of Colette´s woman du jour, Sarai , and I just want to say; thank you! You are a great inspiration to all of us, with your impeccable style, attention to details and clever designs.

Hurrah for Colette!

8 Responses to Summer Essentials Sew Along: an ode to Colette Patterns

  1. Ah, that´s so great. It´s such a treat looking at all the different versions on the Colette web page and in the Flickr group!

  2. I’d steal that dress from you in a quick minute. It’s gorgeous!

    I’ve never sewn a Colette pattern, but would love to do so someday!

  3. @Amy, good for me that you live 10 000 miles or so from me;-), but thank you!
    @Lily, thank you, I highly recommend the patterns, needless to say…

  4. I definitely have a lot of Colette-love, too! Yours look fab 🙂 I want a Parfait (they look great on everybody:) and I’ve had a major, major crush on the restyling of the Chantilly. Oh!

  5. I just found your blog by randomly picking a name from the sew retro list. I love the striped trim at the bottom of the skirt in this post. What a great idea!

    Love your blog, will lurk and watch


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