Sew Dolly Clackett – My Contribution.

I met both Roisin and Nic once, last year while visiting London – both terrific people. So when I learned the news that they were getting married, and that Sarah would host a Sew- Along, the excitement was pretty big. Sarah – you are a genius (and thank goodness you didn´t quit blogging all together)! Roisin and Nic – all the best to both of you from both Anders and I – we are so happy for you!

So, what did I make for the Sew-Along? Well, seeing so many gorgeous dresses popping up around the web, I wasn´t sure where to start. But then Sarah tweeted a link to a Alexander Henry fabric, and I knew I had to order it. Seeing that my idea of a print is stripes these days, sewing a dress with a crazy print was a fun variation for me.

My first thought was to use Butterick 5748, but then my newly purchased Anna called at me, so I did like our muse, I mixed and matched patterns. I used the bodice from Anna, and a half-circle skirt with a pocket for the skirt. I think it turned out great, and I will be making more Anna´s in the future.

delfinelise, sewdollyclackett

And before we go further, yes, I did photoshop my hair red, tihi. I just couldn´t resist it…So, let´s talk about the fabric, shall we? This is not a shy print. Actually, the sirens are much larger than I thought when I ordered it, and I was a little bit concerned about that in the beginning. But when the dress finally came together, I actually like the size of them!


I´ve teamed the dress with different cardigans, belts and shoes, and imagine there are many ways to dress this up and down. We actually got a taste of summer here today, so I wore it out and about, it´s a true friend in the summer heat!

sewdollyclackett, delfinelise

Here´s a last picture of the dress, in true IG- style, I hope everyone have enjoyed the sew-along as much as I have. Roisin and Nic – I hope you have a happy day, and a wonderful life together! Cheers!




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  1. Oh this has immediately leapt into my top five dolly clackett inspired makes … A oerfect fitting dress in an avalanche of colour. Love it.

  2. I love it! I’ve got that fabric with the black background and I was thinking of something similar it’s great to see how it looks. The dress looks amazing and is fab on you.

  3. This fabric!! I love it Solvi! You’re really captured the fun of Roisin’s style as well as the great fit. Where did you take the photos? That porch or balcony looks lovely.

    • Thanks Kathryn! I took one photo on the balcony, the other outside the building. Spring – don´t you just love it? 🙂

  4. Truly beautiful, Sølvi! I love that siren print, and you nailed the Anna bodice. (I’m still fighting it, but I will prevail). It was a great idea to make it with a circle skirt. The colors are stunning!

    • Thanks Shelley! The bodice didn´t give me any headaches for once, usually I have to do a FBA, but not on this for some reason. Good luck on yours! 🙂

  5. Hey, you really suit being a redhead. I like it! Aaaah I love this dress so much! I considered buying the mermaids fabric but was unsure because of the scale of the print, but you have proved that it works fabulously. Thank you so much for your kind wishes, and for taking part and I hope Nic and I will be able to raise a glass with you and Anders again in the future xxx

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