SESA update and out of office notice.

Hello! Just a quick note to say I won´t be blogging as regularly as I have the last couple of months. I´m staying at this place:

It is beautiful here, but the internet connection is fairly slow. Oh well, the lack of internet is compensated with a lovely view! I have finished my capris for the Sew-Along, and I´m finishing up a white linen Beignet, and I´ll show you one of these days. Hope you all are enjoying summer!

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  1. That view is stunning. Can’t wait to see the Beignet – I don’t think I’ve seen anyone do a white version yet.

  2. Why would you even think about blogging when you can sit and look at that view all day?! Hope you have a lovely, relaxing time…

  3. Oh, enjoy! Sounds lovely. Whenever you have a chance, I can’t wait to see your Beignet and the capris! 🙂

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