Refashioning and the finishing of a jacket (or two)

Since I came back to Uppsala, I first thought that I was super prepared for SSS. Now that September is here, I see that I have mistaken a closet full of self-made items with a closet full of useful autumn-y clothes. So, I have been doing some refashioning and some finishing of old UFO´s and some quick sewing lately, without taking the time for documenting it, other than posting in the Flickr Pool. So now it is just about time to show off some of my hard work! 🙂

First of all, sorry for the pics not being as good as they should be, the light in autumn is so tricky! It´s too bright in the middle of the day, and all of a sudden, it´s dark.

The first project is a refashioning of a shirt. I off course forgot to take a before pic of this. But just imagine a short sleeved shirt. In size XL.

Refashioning of a mans shirt

For the idea, I partly used a blouse pattern from a Burda Mag, 105-05-2008. The blouse in the pattern´s got the darts in the front and the elastics in the back and in the sides. When I had added all this to my blouse, it still was way big, so I added a center back pleat, and I took in the shoulder seams as well. Finally I rolled up the sleeves, and Voila! I´d made myself a brand new blouse.

As the temperatures shift between 5°C and 20°C, it´s a wee bit hard to dress weather appropriate… So I finally, after 5 (FIVE!) years, finished this corduroy jacket.

Corduroy jacket Corderoy jacket

It´s a pattern from Burda Easy Fashion autumn 2005. And that is when I started stitching this up. Autumn 2005. For those of you who know me, nows that this coincide with the time I started sewing. Sooo, the first project I tried to sew was a corduroy jacket. How crazy is that? Thinking back, I remember how I bought this Easy Fashion mag, found the jacket (and a matching skirt I might add) and thought: this is what I want to make. Without considering things like sewing experience, fabric choice, sizing etc. etc. etc. Hence, the prolonged UFO status of this particular jacket.

Anyways, I am done! I just added lining and a button last week, just in time for SSS:

SSS: Day 4
Day 4

The boatneck top was also stitched up in a hurry, it´s Burda Magazine 108-02-2009, and is a pattern I used for my anchor top back in May.

SSS: Day 6 Day fourteen

Another quick project is this pink blouse. I made it fro Me-Made-May, but I wasn´t too satisfied with the ruffled collar I made for it then (see pic 2 above). I ripped it, and added the collar you see in the first pic instead.

The last project I´m working on is an autumn jacket that will keep out the wind, the cold and the rain, but at the same time (hopefully) keep the style alive! It´s this 70´s pattern:

Wind jacket in the beginnings...

The thing that´s taking so much time is that I decided to make a quilted lining:
Wind jacket in the beginnings...

And though not especially hard, it is somewhat time consuming. So I´m making one part at a time. I now only have the left sleeve left!
So stay tuned for more on this jacket. I will try to finish it during this week. We´ll see….

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  1. Great stuff, I’m pleased to have found your blog through SSS flickr. I really like your pink blouse, and I tend to refashion using a pattern, too. The jacket is so cute!

  2. Thank you! SSS is a great way to discover new people, isn´t it? There are so many talented and creative people out there!

  3. The fact that you finished up your jacket after 5 years gives me hope for my two unfinished coats! I love the pink blouse, very pretty.

    • Thanks! We have a saying in Norway that says: “Necessity teaches the naked woman to spin (yarn).” Meaning, if I didn’t finish that jacket, I would have been freezing cold;-). So, when the right time comes those jackets will be finished! 🙂

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