My new relationship.

Woohoo! I´ve finished my knitted/crocheted dress!

Last autumn I started a new relationship. We were wise and took things quite slow during the first couple of months, but as spring came around, we became more serious, and I can now make it official; we are going steady, knitting and I.

For a long time I was very skeptical towards this particular needlework (as many hardcore crocheters are….), but as time went, my appreciation for the speed and the possibilities that knitting gives me grew, and now I can´t wait to start my next project, in fact I have already started it, you can check out my progress over at Ravelry. Wow. That´s one looong sentence.

This project went on fairly well, I think. Nothing too complicated, although I need to practice more on increasing, as it is VERY obvious where I tried that…

Again, apologize for the bad photos, but my usual press photographer is unavailable, and I have to do all the shooting myself;-). Yes, and one more thing, I haven´t  blocked it yet, so it probably will look a bit more…..oh, let´s say..straight once that business is done!

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  1. Oh my, that is one seriously fabulous dress! Great job!

    Having a tripod for my camera has made project photography a lot easier for me. I never have to wait around for someone else to help me out. You might enjoy one too 🙂

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