My Grand Plan of autumn 2010- how did it go?

Last autumn, I came up with a plan for my sewing. before I did that, I more or less just sewed what ever I wanted to do, but through MMM and SSS, I experienced that there were some serious gaps in my me-made wardrobe. So I came up with My Grand Plan. I think it is about time for me to review this plan, and see what I did and didn´t do.

Inspiration station

Inspiration station

What I did do: I finished most of my planned items, and many of them have become wardrobe staples that I can´t live without!

I have three UFO´s, the vest, the shirt refashioning and the knitting project Audrey in Unst. The vest is cut and I´ve stitched together some seams, but I think I´ll wait with it until after the summer, since it´s made of wool, and I have lots of summer sewing I´d like to do.  The shirt was the first thing I started on, but I didn´t find the inspiration to finish it. I really should try  and give it another go. The cardigan is just a result of me being a much more patient seamstress than knitter. I tend to loose my patience when it comes to knitting large stuff. I know that I should take time and finish this, because I really could make good use of a black cotton cardigan for spring.

I´ve discarded a couple of projects. One is the Audrey dress, the style just wasn´t for me, and the other´s the retro jacket. That is such a shame really, because I´ve put a lot of work into it. But I´ve done something wrong in the construction, and it looks crazy (and I actually did make a muslin!). I might try and make another one at some point, but right now I´m just sad it didn´t work out the way I´d hoped.

Some projects didn´t even make it to the sewing table, and those are a chiffon blouse, another knit top, a party dress and a black pencil skirt. The latter really should be made at some point, I realize that it´s a good wardrobe stable…

All in all, I´m quite happy with my plan and all I managed to make.  I really love a good plan, it gives more structure to my sewing!

How about you? Are you good at sticking to plans, or do you like to let your creativity decide?

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  1. You’ve done an amazing job following your plan! I like making plans, but rarely seem to get more than a tenth of them accomplished, lol 🙂

  2. You did really well. I have discovered through my blog that I am absolutely hopeless at making plans. One project at a time for me now – this makes for a slightly disorganised wardrobe but means I sew the things I want to sew!

  3. I LOVE this idea, a much more visual to-do list and I can imagine very satisfying to see so many completed! Well done, I would love to do this…

  4. That’s impressive! I blog about plans and then don’t stick to them. Your paper and crayon version is less “avoidable”! I tried to knit a cardigan this month and I am not even halfway finished, so I understand about Audrey 🙂

  5. @amy: I love lists, but not all are as successful as this one…the one where all the decluttering is for instance…not doing to well on that one.;-)
    @sarah: thanks!
    @allison:thank you. Sewing the things we want to sew is the important thing really, after all it´s supposed to be fun, right?:-)
    @steph: actually, yes, I find that I have a lot more coordinating pieces, and my wardrobe is much more reflecting my personal style now than before!
    @kristen_ do it! this is (almost) my favorite part of sewing, just sitting by the table, making little sketches!
    @roobeedoo: thanks! great to hear that I´m not alone in my knitting “struggle” 😉

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