Hepburn/Hepburn: The Kate Trousers!

Can you believe it? I have finally finished a Hepburn/Hepburn- garment! I finished the last couple of stitches on my Katharene Hepburn inspired pants today, and managed to take some half-decent pics. It´s so hard to take photos in autumn. There is way too much weather all the time!

The Kate Trousers

Anyways. These trousers are made from a light wool fabric I recently bought. Originally, these pants were supposed to be blue, but I had accidentally bought too little fabric, and so I decided on this nice plaid one instead.

The Kate Trousers

The pattern is from Burda MagazineBurda 127- 07-2010. It´s pattern number 127, and is especially designed for ladies taller than 176 cm. And that includes me. Hurray! Finally a pattern for trousers that  I don´t need to adjust much!

The Katherine Hepburn Pants. Burda 07/2010 no. 127

The cutting and sewing of this one went rather smoothly, it´s got a zip in the side, which I prefer, pockets, and a rather high waistline. I like the way they turned out. The only adjustment I did was taking in the side seams with 2 cm in each side from the waist to the hips. Otherwise, they are exactly as the pattern.

The Kate Trousers

What do you think, would Kate wear these?

The Kate Trousers

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  1. Those are great! The fit is beautiful and I love the turn-ups. And proper pockets! More women’s clothing needs proper pockets. Nice work. (And yes, I think Kate would wear them)

  2. AWESOME!!!! What fantastic trousers!! I love them and they look terrific on you. Definitely Kate would have worn them. 🙂

  3. Kate would wear them without a second thought. You have made a classic and the fit and tailoring are all so perfect. Fantastic trousers!

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