Handmade dresses gone missing.

I lost two handmades today. And I feel a little sad. Two of my concert dresses has gone missing. I brought them onboard with me on the train from Oslo to Bergen, but they were´nt there when I was leaving the train. Stealing a costume bag with unknown contents seems to me a strange move. If you are to steal things from Norwegians, there are plenty of iPhones and computers and headphones easily attainable for a nifty pickpocket. But this particular person chose to go for my costume bag instead. In it were two dresses. Two hand-stitched, thought- through, cared-for un-blogged dresses.

One of the dresses is the Gertie for Butterick pattern 5814. Never worn. I made if for a party, but decided last minute that it would be a little bit too much for that party (good thinking, as the hostess barely had dressed up at all), and so it has been hanging in my closet ever since. For 1,5 years. But I thought I bring it to this concert I am having Saturday. Glam and fun with a 1950´s flair. Perfect.


Butterick 5814

The other of the dresses was a newly made Simplicity 2444. It´s the first time in years I bought a particular fabric for a specific pattern. A beautiful Italian printed silk. It´s less than a week old. I have worn it once for a wedding gig. I was so happy with it, as I finally had a comfortable, elegant dress for weddings and family functions.


simplicity 2444 fabric


Of course, being able to sew makes me able to more or less replicate these dresses. And I will probably get economic compensation from my insurance company. That is not what I mourn. I feel sad because I didn´t get to document them properly before they got lost. And I feel sad because I don´t know if the person who now have their hands on them will appreciate handmade. Will they just go to waste? Or will they get sold to a woman who doesn´t know they are stolen? I would feel better if I knew that they would be appreciated. I hope they are.

The lesson I have learned is to always take photos and notes of every substantial thing I make. The rest is just bad luck. I know about the security risks on board trains, and especially when they stand still on platform. Heck, I´ve worked on trains myself. So I know that I really couldn´t have done much more myself before becoming paranoid. I´d rather be helpful and trust people than become skeptical about people around me. In my 33 year old long life, this is the first time someone has ever stolen anything from me. So I´ll manage. I just hope my lost handmades get to live a good life with someone else.

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  1. You must be gutted – so much work goes into a beautiful handmade dress; if only the thief had stolen some mass produced technology instead! Could the costume bag *possibly* have been picked up by accident? I’m sure you’ve looked at all the possibilities, but I hope they somehow come back to you in perfect shape.

    • Thanks for the kind suggestions! I truly hope it’s just an accident, but all the clues are pointing in a different direction. I have checked with lost and found but nothing yet. I keep my hopes up though, as my business card was in the bag. If it was an accident, they have my contact info.

  2. Oh Solvi, how horrible! All that work gone. However I’m in total agreement with you on continuing to trust people as it’s a much healthier way to live than being cynical and thinking the worst. I hope these dresses come back to you.

    • Thank you Kathryn, I truly feel that it´s the only way to think about this. There is already so much hatred in the world, I don´t want to add to that account. 🙂

  3. Ah, I am sad your dresses were taken (and like you, somewhat surprised too. Not what you would expect to be stolen). I admire your attitude and determination not to let what has happened dim your view of human nature.

    • Yeah, that´s the thing – I just couldn´t believe they were gone. I hope it was a mistake, and that they will turn up. 🙂

  4. I’m sorry, Solvi! It’s such an unsettling thing, being stolen from. I appreciate your beautiful attitude and hope that your dresses find a good home, either back with you or someone else if they are indeed gone.

  5. I’m sorry to hear this. I’m really bummed for you. I hope that the dresses turn up. Being a victim of theft is such a betrayal of trust.

  6. That is such awful news, and I am so sorry to hear it, Solvi! and yes, absolutely nothing like losing a store bought thing at all. I think only those of us who sew for ourselves really understand what losing your lovely thoughtful handiwork would feel like.

    • Thank you so much for the kind words, Carolyn. I feel that too, that you guys are the only ones who truly can understand. Thank you.

  7. I am so sad for you. I hope your dresses are not really gone, or if they are they find somewhere nice and are appreciated. I do not understand people who steal from others, it is a really unpleasant thing to do.

  8. Sølvi, this is so sad to hear. Even when I can recreate an item, I always feel the huge loss of something if I created it from scratch. Obviously I hope you can call the train company and find that the dresses have been returned by someone who picked them up on accident, but if not, I wish you tons of joy and fun as you remake them.

    • Thanks Regina for the kinds words. And thanks for the good wishes. I am at this moment printing out a PDF for a new dress pattern. I know I´ll have tons of fun making it! 🙂

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