Gather around – it´s the grey cardi!

I´m still not feeling well, especially during the night – I have to get up around 1 in the morning, brewing ALOT of tea, and cut out some projects to keep my mind off coughing. I tried some medicine – and it gave me a headache! Great. Well, I´m not going to bore you with my health – I am in fact feeling better today than yesterday, so there is progress! 🙂

So, last night I cut out the pattern pieces for this cardi:

Simplicity 2530
I first noticed this during Self- Stitched September, when the lovely Jamie sported her version of it. What I noticed during  SSS was that I really needed some light cardigans for layering. I have knitted two cardigans, both are knitted in mohair, and though it is a lovely material, it tends to be quite warm. So when I sat and sketched on My Grand Plan, I made sure to include a cardigan. And now, I have finished it. Yey!

Simplicity 2560


I used a rayon knit in a charcoal grey color. I put it on directly after finishing it, and I am not planning on taking it off ever again – it´s that comfortable.

Simplicity 2560 Simplicity 2560

Easy to accessorize…

The pattern was pretty straight forward, though I made some changes. I added 2 cm to the lenghth of the bodice – as a light FBA. It worked just great for that.  None of the sleeves in the pattern were really appealing to me, so I decided to draft my own using the pattern as guide. What I did was to lenghten the sleeve with 20 cm, and add 3 cm to the width. That way I got myself wider and longer sleeves. Lovely!

Simplicity 2560 Simplicity 2560

Back view and a close up of the swoosh-iness!

So, grey cardi: check! Next up is finishing all of the previous mentioned items. I´m awaiting supplies though. You see, my button stash is quite small, so I needed to order buttons both for the vest and the shirt. But I will give you a sneak peek of the collar before I go and drink some more tea:

Collar of my tuxido shirt.

Detail of collar. I used the description from Vogue Sewing – and it came together easily.

16 Responses to Gather around – it´s the grey cardi!

  1. I love the cardigan. It’s beautiful. Especially combined with the belt I think it’s very elegant and flattering. Nice!

  2. Cute and comfortable – that’s the best when you’re not feeling well. Nicely done and I hope you get well soon!

  3. This cardigan is just lovely! I adore the colour too, grey is a favourite of mine…
    I hope you’re feeling better soon, it’s miserable to be sick…

  4. Wow! Yours looks much better than the envelope photo, totally versatile and with a nice shape. I’ve been cardigan obsessing lately, so I’ll take a look at this pattern. 🙂

    • Thanks! I wear cardigans every day in the winter, (and probably every other day in the summer). I recommend the pattern. Very easy to make, and easy to adjust as well! 🙂

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