Cutting fabric for more than one project at a time.

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Since I spent most of my sparetime yesterday cutting fabric, I was curious if anyone else does that too? Cut fabric for more than one project at a time, that is?

Yesterday I cut out six projects, two dresses, two skirts, and two shirts for my darling.

I think it´s a good way of saving time, as my dining room table gets to step in and play the role as cutting table, I like it to not be covered in fabric all the time. I also find that it´s easier to begin a new project if it´s already cut and ready.

How about you? Are you one of the lucky one´s with a designated cutting space, or are you stuck with similar solutions to mine? I´d love to know!

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  1. I don’t do this, and I don’t have a designated cutting space either…but I think I may start to do this as it might spur me on to get things done!!! Seems like such an obvious thing…why didn’t I think of doing this before – thanks for the tip!

  2. I don’t cut for more than one project at a time and yet somehow I still end up with more than one project cut at a time. I seem to get more excited about my next project around the time I need to hem or seam finish or get stuck and I start something else. I’ve currently got two stalled and three projects planned. I cut on my dining table too and then have to hide all the fabric from the cat!

    • I know the feeling! I have a jacket that´s been almost finished for about two months now, I just need to stitch on the buttons! The fresh&new projects are just so much more tempting! 🙂

  3. I am myself going to have a mass cutting out session this afternoon as I can’t get to do any sewing on the machine just yet so I thought I would cut everything out ready for when I can!

  4. I do that too, I have a set of “project” drawers from an office store that I fill up with queued projects as I finish sewing other projects. Then I cut them all out at once, usually takes me a day or two because it’s so boring and makes me really tired. Cutting out is my least favorite part of sewing, so I like getting it all done at once.

  5. Last year was such a strange year — plans couldn’t be made and kept. But when I could foresee two projects in a row that didn’t require fitting (I’ve made the patttern before, or something), I definitely cut at the same time. Cutting is my least favorite sewing activity and it’s great to get it out of the way while I’ve got a movie or music or podcast in the background. 🙂

    • I like to listen to something like an audiobook or something as I´m cutting, as well – makes the process flow better, in a way! 🙂

  6. Sometimes I’ll cut out easy patterns in series, or use the same pattern for a number of tops etc. Usually though, I do one project at a time. I do prep the tissues and sometimes tissue fit ahead of time but because I love the layout and cutting, I save that step for “me time”.

    I have a studio set up in a spare bedroom which is just for sewing. I do keep my clothes in that closet but no one else uses the room. I tend to tidy up every day.

    • It sounds so nice to have a room dedicated for sewing, I´d love to have that someday too!

  7. Smart cookie! I am lucky enough to have a dedicated cutting space in Evil Lair (aka my sewing room) and cutting out multiple projects is so smart! I’m off to do that today – at least one blouse and two pairs of trousers 🙂

  8. It isn’t often that I do this, since I don’t usually work at multiple garments at the same time. Tracing and cutting are two of my least favorite parts of sewing, though, so it seems I should do it more often and relish in the feeling of being able to just start sewing!

  9. I have sometimes cut more than one project at a time. That was the way I was taught to sew by my mum, so that if I was getting equipment and space organised for cutting it made sense to cut several things at the same time. But my problem with doing it now or doing more than two items is lack of space to safely store the cut-out pieces before sewing. I do use my dining room table or the living room floor if everyone else is out for cutting. No dedicated space here, I just have to shove lego models, glitter and paper crafts out the way first. x

    • Aaa, I can imagine this being particularly difficult with a couple of tiny persons running around. 🙂

    • Hehe, I know what you mean about the sewing table being full of stuff. I just cleaned the space around my sewing machines the other day, but now it´s filling up again. Hopeless! 😉

  10. I seem to find cutting out harder than sewing. I spent two hours on it this morning and only managed to cut one front, because of slippery, crumpley plaid cotton that needed to be kept straight and refused to behave. I doesn’t help that I have to move the table to get enough floor space and then I have to vacuum the floor, and the the dog comes in and flops on the clean cleared space – aaargh!

    • Wow- that seem like one frustrating fabric cutting situation! I hope it works out well in the end! 🙂

  11. Cutting out new projects is my least favourite part of sewing so if I have several projects planned then I’ll go ahead and cut them out all in one go. I do have a cutting table but I keep piling things up on it and then have to clean it off before I can use it!

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