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London, baby!

Victory Regent Street
So, summer is finally here, and that means the holiday is drawing closer. I will be working in July, but before that, I am going to London! The weekend, that around these parts of the world is called Midsummer (around 20th of June), I will be visiting London for the first time in YEARS. I am very excited about this, and will humbly take suggestions on where to go and what to do.

One thing I am eager to see, but that I don´t know what is called or where is situated, is a fabric shop with second hand fabric. Anyone know what I am talking about? Please let me know – I´d love to visit, as the second hand fabric market in Oslo is non-existent.

I already have some things on my must- see list, including the V&A and Goldhawk Road. I am also hoping for a trip to Raystitch. And of course, if anyone wants to meet up – I´d  love that! I have quite a flexible schedule, you know, it comes with the holiday territory, so I am up for a chat or some fabric shopping, a coffee or a cocktail. Just let me know! My email adress is delfinelise(at)

Speaking of meet-ups, I just had the opportunity to meet up with Alessa of Farbenfreude, while I was on a work trip to Berlin. She´s such a lovely person! We were so busy chatting about sewing, music and language, do some market strolling and some shawarma- and ice cream eating, that we forgot to take a picture to prove this event took place. So you´ll have to take my word for it. By the way, go visit Berlin – it´s wonderful!

On Monday I had the chance to meet up with another Norwegian seamstress, she contacted med during Me Made May, having noticed familiar scenery in my photos. We chatted for hours – it´s so nice to have someone nearby interested in the same things! Of course, I did forget to take a picture of that too…

 MMM13: Day 17 HatThis was the photo that made Christina recognize Oslo. So thanks to Rådhusplassen for that! 

So, everyone bring on your best London suggestions, whether it´s sewing or knitting related, your favorite cocktail bar or Indian restaurant, please share! I will be eagerly waiting.

Have a nice day!


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  1. Hello! That’s exciting you’re coming to London! I read about a vintage fabric shop on Cheshire st in the east end of London and i still haven’t been so if you happen to be visiting at a weekend I’d love to go with you. I’ll drop you an email. Here’s some information on the >a href=””>shop and there’s a good guide to London fabric shopping here from Yes I like That’s blog.

    • That´s awesome -thanks for the tips – I´ll love to meet up over the weekend, so just drop me a line about when you are available, and we could go together. 🙂

  2. omg!Really? I´ll be there for a week with my mum and daughter but in August! Keep us informed about your trip to London, what you liked best, etc Alright?!!

    • Yup – I´m so excited – already planning some meet-ups and some fabric excursions. Can´t wait. I definitely will keep you informed! 🙂

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17 Responses to Some FO skirts and pictures from a journey.

  1. Oh, your poor finger! I hope you get well soon. I think you’ve been visiting Morocco. Am I right?

    Your skirts are lovely (the yellow tights are fab!) and I really like your purple knitted jumper.

  2. Wow – your “mini with yellow tights and a purple jumper and a beret” pictures are amazing! fab, fab, fab!
    Sorry about your finger though.

  3. I love the skirts especially the red one…and the jumper too. Your trip looks great – I guess Istanbul!! Hope your finger is healing. xx

  4. Solvi what fab holiday pics, they are really evocative…but also am loving your burdastyle skirt…wow, what a look! And your cute red vogue skirt makes me want to get on with mine too….I do love your colour sense, but then I’ve said that before…gorgeous purple jumper too! Nice and chunky for the autumn

  5. Oh no! I hope your finger gets better soon! Loving your makes, especially the Burda skirt, looks amazing on you!

  6. Istanbul! We went there in June, and had tea in the same place – what a view. Did you like the city? And did you buy any fabric…? I love these two outfits – especially the colours and proportions of the second one. Wow. I hope your finger recovers soon 🙂

  7. Definately my city 🙂 İstanbul. Next time I will be happy to meet and take you to a bazaar that you Will get crazy when you see How cheap and beatiful are the fabrics.

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Blogger´s meet up, traveling, embroidery,non-sewalonging, and other interesting stuff.

Thanks all for interesting comments on my last posts! You know, sometimes, I have so many different things to say, I just don´t know how to get everything said. So. Prepare for a long and diverse blog post! Yum! Tapas at Café Andaluz in Edinburgh. And if you look closely you´ll see a glimpse of… Continue Reading…

12 Responses to Blogger´s meet up, traveling, embroidery,non-sewalonging, and other interesting stuff.

  1. What a lovely interpretation of the Lisette pattern – I am feeling so inspired! I might have to copy your wider neckline – it looks so pretty.

  2. Aw, an embroidered blouse, so cute! Looks like you had a lovely time in Edinburgh. I love that photo of you all bent over the box of patterns.

  3. Hi Solvi! I’ve been perusing your blog & love what you write about & your sewing is gorgeous. I am now subscribed so will be coming back!
    That Lisette blouse is really pretty & such a good way to display your embroidery. It makes it even more unique. Bye for now
    SB x

    • Hi! I´ve been following you for a while too, love your work and style! 🙂 THank you for the compliments!

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  1. Congratulations on NOT being a part of a shopping rewards club. What a great feeling! Love your slippers and have a fabulous time in NY! 🙂

  2. Hooray for proof of your rockin’ new clothing habits! And darling shoes.

    So jealous about NYC. Love, love that city.

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Marrakech, Marrakech!

I have a note in my calendar from last January. It says: “Go someplace warm!”. Many Scandinavians defends the winter and says thing like “but the snow is so beautiful” and ” I like the freshness of the chilly weather”. I have never been one of those Scandinavians. I´d rather show you some photos of… Continue Reading…

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  1. I love your pictures, Morocco has been on my “places to see” list since I was in grade school. I know what you mean about people having an idealized view of snow–we’ve got those same delusional people here, that seem to forget about all the trouble that comes with it.

  2. Lovely pictures and lucky you! I’d love to go someplace warm & colorful like that. Seattle doesn’t get a lot of snow, but it’s constantly overcast and rainy here during the winter months, which can get to be a real drag.

  3. Just looking at the pictures makes me feel warmer! Even if you hadn’t time to buy any fabric, the inspiration for color combo and patterns is great!

    Did you go to the “jardin de Majorelle”, former moroccan home of Yves Saint-Laurent? I never went there but all the pictures I’ve seen of it make it the core reason of any future moroccan trip of mine…

    • Majorelle Garden was on my list, but we just didn´t have time. We focused on the Medina this trip, and will definitely go to the Majorelle Garden and Bazar next time!

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