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Learning through blogging.

Time flies while sewing and having fun

Do you knew it´s been almost ten years since I started blogging? In the beginning I wrote very random stuff in Norwegian. At the time I had only just begun to sew, and I saw myself more as a crocheter than anything else. After finding, I was so inspired! Both by her awesome crochet and felt projects, but also by her social awareness. In 2008 this here blog became a sewing/craft- blog. In 2010 I made my pledge to not buy any RTW clothes that year, and I can honestly say that it changed my life. Since then, I can count the RTW clothes I have bought on, maybe not one hand, but at least only two, and I feel so much better about my wardrobe now than I ever did before.

Knowledge & friendships

Blogging has given me new knowledge about building websites, using social media and lots of techy stuff as well, and more often than not, I have experimented with new things here first, before applying it to my workspace homepage. Last but not least – blogging has given me a whole new community of friends and like-minded people from all over the world. I have been fortunate enough to have met with some of you IRL as well, and I can´t wait for the chance to meet new people in the future.

Fast learning

I find that blogging about something you really enjoy enhances the feeling of joy, and it gives you new insights and skill faster. Once I write something down, it is easier to reflect on it later. Also – once I started to take photos of myself in different garments, I learned what works for me and what doesn´t. My blogging has always been a bit arbitrary, and non-consistent, but I have been sewing consistently, and never given up on my principles of buying as little RTWas possible.

Let´s keep on blogging

I will keep on blogging and sewing and hope you will too – so that blogging doesn´t become something only for the professionals and business owners, but continue to be the voice of keen sewists everywhere.

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  1. Happy Blog anniversary Solvi! I always enjoy your blog posts, and it was lovely to meet you when you were in London. My blogging is also very sporadic, but I definitely still get lots out of it – community, advice, a bit of perspective and contemplation on my own makes, and of course as a means of documenting what I’ve made, all the same things you list above. I’ve recently stopped reading quite a few fashion/lifestyle blogs I used to follow as they were becoming just way too sponsored, like whole posts where the sole purpose seemed to be highlighting a particular product that blogger had been ‘gifted’. I’ll stick to sewing blogs from now on!

    • Thank you Kathryn! I loved meeting you too – I hope I´ll be able to go back to the UK soon again. 🙂 I know what you mean about sponsored blogs like that, I usually run into them when searching for more DIY/craft things, and also at times if I am searching for instructions for baking. i find that most sewing bloggers who are sponsored are quite transparent, in comparison, thank heavens. 🙂 I love reading your posts as well, although I am not always as good at commenting….;)

  2. Happy 10 years! Finding you during Me-Made-May and seeing the amazing variety of clothing you’d created was a huge inspiration to me. I love the world of amateur sewing blogging, too.

    • Thank you! I really am very happy for meeting so many wonderful sewists online – I am so in awe over the wedding dress you made for your sister – such a beautiful piece of craftmanship! 🙂

  3. I totally agree on all points! Ten years is a long stretch, I’ve started on my third year, still it seems only yesterday I posted my first post 🙂 Keep it going:D

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3 Responses to I am moving (the blog) – and Hurrah for Me Made May 2013!

  1. I am enjoying seeing all your lovely me-made May outfits Solvi! Why did you choose the name delfine elise, are those your other names?

    • Thanks, Carolyn – and likewise. You are such a style inspiration!

      You, know the name delfinelise comes from delfin, which means dolphin in Norwegian (I was very fond of dolphins when I was younger), and Elise is my middle name. It was my first online- alias, and it has stuck with me ever since. 🙂

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The act of getting dressed

Recently I watched a very interesting documentary about Diana Vreeland, the notorious editor-in-chief of Vogue in the 1960´s. She was an extremely influential and inspirational woman for many of today´s leading fashion houses, and if you haven´t seen the documentary, Diana Vreeland: The Eye Has To Travel, and you are just remotely interested in either… Continue Reading…

13 Responses to The act of getting dressed

  1. It’s definitely a ritual. It’s the one thing I enjoy doing – getting ready for the day. I’m happier in winter when I can wear my fully fashioned stockings. That adds a whole new layer and element to the daily ritual.
    I usually check the forecast the day ahead the night before. This is Melbourne so it can be very unpredictable. But a days notice is usually enough 😉
    So the night before I usually have an idea of what I will wear the next day. I usually think about this just as I’m going to sleep. I know what accessories go with most things. And thankfully, if I notice any obvious gaps in my wardrobe, I can sew something up. My biggest issue is accessories – contradictory to most vintage loving gals, I don’t have a lot. And with bright red hair I usually have to consider how much red or clashing colours are in my outfit
    Other things – hair is a drama. I’m still learning vintage styles and with such fine hair it can be hard to create the ones everyone else does. So often I find myself running a bit late if my hair’s not working out.

    I think in modern times we are losing that ritual – it’s important to keep it I think.

    • I think you are right – it is an important part of life, and I really enjoyed reading your comment. What a good idea to plan right before nighttime.

      I have recently cut my hair, and am in awe of how much easier it is to do my hair now than before! 🙂

  2. On weekdays I get the baby dressed after breakfast, then get myself washed and dressed with her “help”, so it is tricky for me to have a calm, ordered routine. I usually plan what I am wearing in my head as I make breakfast for everyone, though on a bad day when we are running late I just reach for the nearest pair of jeans and cotton top, with cardigan. The rail in my wardrobe collapsed yesterday so all my clothes are currently in three piles awaiting a mended or new home. This makes getting dressed easier as I can only access those clothes on the top of the piles! Ah, the never ending glamour that is my life. xx
    PS A housecoat sounds great, what does yours look like?

    • One of these days I might blog about my little ol´ housecoat, but it rather is like a fancier kind of robe, so no buttons or such, but warm enough to walk around in! 🙂

      I am pretty sure that if I had a one year old, I´d not be able to spend a whole lot of time getting dressed either. With that said, I really love your style and am inspired by how you both have a very cool sense of style and at the same time have three demanding children! 🙂 That wardrobe rail collapse sounds like it´s working out just fine, then? 😉

  3. What an interesting post. I heard about that documentary a while back, would love to watch it.
    My routine involves getting up and hour and a half before I leave. Feed my chickens, put on some coffee, jump in the shower.
    After my shower I pour my coffee, put breakfast on to cook then look at blogs and the weather online. Whilst eating breakfast I decide what to wear, then get dressed, do my hair and make up, say good bye to my husband, who is more often than not still in bed, and head out the door.
    I hate being rushed in the mornings so I give myself plenty of time to get ready. I would like to have a bit more planning in my daily outfits as I tend to stick to the same things out of ease. I like your idea of themed weeks.
    Great blog by the way! Frankie

    • Thanks for the comment – I had to head over to your blog and read about the chickens. How neat! 🙂 Having plenty of time in the mornings sounds like a good idea, I would try that if I ever have a job that requirea early hours. But I am such a night owl, I´m not sure I´d manage it! 🙂

  4. I would say that I half-way plan in that I only have so many outfits ready at one time and I generally know what they are. And if I have a certain activity (or student!) that day I may choose a certain outfit or be sure to avoid a certain avoid. It seems odd, but for some students/classes I don’t want to wear skirts, for example, so I make certain to plan out the skirts on other days.

    And I have mini-rituals in the morning too. In fact, the first outfit I put on after taking my shower is not my “real” outfit for the day. It’s my “drinking coffee and reading email” outfit. I only put on my “real” outfit right before I leave the house because I don’t want to get it all wrinkly and cat-hairy. I’m sure it gets all wrinkly in the bus/tram, but at least it has less cat hair on it. 😉

    I need to do a better job at using all my accessories too. I have three (!!) jewelry boxes that are all full. I recently rediscovered several pairs of earrings, however, so I’m feeling smug.

    • Oh, I am relieved that I am not the only one with a ton of accessories that´s unused! 🙂 About dressing differently for different students/work – I can totally relate. I do the same. I dress differently for different jobs, even though I do the same work, the group dynamics might differ, or I just feel more comfortable in one type of outfits for one type of people/students.:-)

  5. That sounds like a nice ritual. I have to say, I’m usually too lazy for an actual morning routine. I’d much rather lie in bed for another 10 minutes… 😉 I also usually have a couple of favorite outfits that get rotated for a few weeks, before I switch them out for another set. If I’m not working, I usually do carefully chose my earrings to complement my outfit, though. 😉
    On the other hand, sometime I like to get dressed up just for the fun of it, including fun accessories, and maybe lipstick. It really depends on who I’m meeting, what I’m going to do, what the weather is like and if I’m in the mood for it…

    • Rotating outfits – that´s an interesting way to go. But I guess, I normally have it like that as well, whenever I make something new, I tend to wear it again and again for a while – it´s so fun to test the new garment in different constellations. 🙂

  6. That does sound like a nice routine, and I like your idea of weekly themes. It’s fun to mix it up and play in your wardrobe 🙂
    I’m quite spontaneous; sometimes I’ve planned an outfit in my head particularly if I have an event planned for that day, but more often I just pick something weather appropriate that hits my eye and takes my fancy at those first moment looking in the wardrobe. I wear the same jewellery ALL the time; I rarely wear any make-up, and I have a natural hairstyle, that I just brush and leave. I’ll put my hair in a ponytail sometimes, or a messy bun if I want to look “pulled together” but that’s it!

  7. It is fun to mix and play, and I really admire your project for this year with witch sketching all of your fabulous handmade outfits. I did the same thing with my hair when it was long as you do. Sometimes I miss having the option of just putting it in a ponytail or bun! 🙂

  8. I’m forever behind on everything, not just my blog reading. I literally have around 30 minutes to get ready in the mornings after walking the wolf and feeding both him and the cat. I plan my outfit for the office the night before if I’m being good, but sometimes wing it (and end up late for work too). My make-up routine has shrunk to nothing as a result, just a quick wash and moisturise, although hopefully the new hair do will help me at least put on blusher if nothing else. But basically it’s flail and panic before leaving and hope I have enough time to make lunch!

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2012. A review.

This is just a little year-in-review from me. I want to take the opportunity to thank everyone who reads this blog, and especially to all of you who take the time to comment. And I want to wish you all the best of times now that we are approaching the holiday season! Have fun and… Continue Reading…

9 Responses to 2012. A review.

  1. I’m glad you’re taking care of yourself! And I love what you made this year, everything looks beautifully made, interesting and functional.

  2. What a great overview of your year! I really love your two pairs of narrow cropped trousers – they look fabulous on you! You’ve got a great balance of style, comfort and function in the clothes you’ve made!

  3. You are so talented, Solvi! You were one of the people who inspired me to knit 🙂 I am so relieved that your hand is better – eek! That was scary!

    Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

  4. I’m enjoying reading these 2012 reviews everyone is doing. I like yours because I feel like I also know a little bit more about you! And 80 GARMENTS!? Wowzers. I’m in total awe because I feel like I can barely make one thing a month!

  5. Happy festive season to you too! And even though you may have been a little less active, creating and sewing-wise, you have firmly remained one of the most inspirational and joyful bloggers out there! I’m so pleased that your back and finger are on the mend and that you are finding fun and balance after a crazy year with the upheaval of moving. Can’t wait to follow all your exciting endeavours in 2013!

    Zoe xxx

  6. I love the outfits you made this year, they all look so stylish and chic. I am glad to hear you are enjoying your new home and the back is better. I have had to give up big bags for a similar reason. 🙂 I always enjoy reading your blog, take care :0 xx

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Thank you, and I´m guest blogging!

First of all, thank you all so much for the lovely comments on my last post, I am certain that my finger healed faster because of it!  And, Debbie, Stacy, Dilly, Kristin and Zoe were right, I went to Istanbul! I can truly recommend it. Glorious place. I am slowly getting back into my old… Continue Reading…

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A quick tip: knitting and iPad

I have recently discovered a wonderful way of using my iPad for knitting, and thought I’d share it with other iPadders out there. I am currently knitting the Selbu Modern hat, a Christmas present. The pattern is not one easily remembers, and I need to look at the pattern quite regularly. Although there are a… Continue Reading…

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  1. That’s a great idea. I always think I could be using my iPad / smart phone more productively for knitting / sewing but haven’t quite figured out how yet! This is a start, thanks! Any other such tips gratefully received!

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What I made this summer

Hello World! It´s been a long time since my last post, and it´s a little difficult to get back into writing. I have so many ideas for what to write about, that I don´t know where to begin! So I´ll start light, just posting a little board I made in one of the pads fancy apps,… Continue Reading…

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  1. Hello and welcome back!! I just love your drawings….beautiful. I think that’s still a summer of sewing, especially if you’ve had to juggle with other priorities

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The move. Part two.

Hello all, I hope you are enjoying yourself whatever weather and temperature. I´ve not been sewing anything yet, but I thought I´d share some images from the move with you today. We´ve moved in, I have realized that I have a stash WAY out of hand, a friend of mine is the new lucky owner… Continue Reading…

8 Responses to The move. Part two.

  1. Go the Dolly Shrine! The new place sounds great – I always really enjoy the move to a new place – always so full of possibilities 🙂

  2. The new home looks lovely – I like the daily shrine and jewellery wall. I hope you are settling in okay. Does this move mean a new job? If so good luck with that too. x

    • Thanks for the concern, Zoe! I´m well, just been busy settling in to my new home and town! 🙂

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The Move.

So. At this very moment, I am sitting in the menzies lounge at Stockholm Airport Arlanda, while all my belongings are on the road somewhere between here and Oslo. I thought it would be kind of fun to write something just today, for future reference. I’ve lived in Sweden on and off for eight years,… Continue Reading…

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  1. Happy moving! I’m excited to see how you decorate and set up your new place after seeing your home decoration board on Pinterest!

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An update might be in order.

During the last couple of months I haven´t been able to show you much of anything I´ve been sewing. Because I have a neck problem, my computer time has been limited for work only, but I am slowly getting better, and hope to return to “regular schedule” during the next couple of months. Speaking of… Continue Reading…

18 Responses to An update might be in order.

  1. Fun clothes! What pattern did you use for your man’s shirt? I hope your neck problem clears up soon – that’s *not* fun.

    • Thank you, I feel much better now than a month ago! 🙂

      I use McCall´s 2447. Classic shirt pattern with lots of options!

  2. I’m glad that sewing doesn’t seem to be affecting your neck, and hope you feel better soon, That is quite a line-up and I love the nautical theme. I really love that polka dot blouse, what’s the pattern? Also, I want to see you in your Syttende Mai costume whether you make it or not!

    • Sewing is one the few activities I can do, luckily. 🙂 Nice Norwegian spelling, by the way! And the blouse pattern is New Look 6808.

  3. Sounds like you’re going to be even busier! I hope you neck problem gets better soon and that the move goes smoothly. I have to ask, will we get pictures of you in historical costumes for work? 😉

    • Absolutely, historic costumes will be part of the challenge, I have made them myself! 🙂

  4. Oh wow, that’s a lot of fun all in one post! I love your ship ahoy Parfait and that cute polka-dot blouse! And your man is very lucky getting those smashing shirts! And Viking age historical garments sound very cool – if not quite practical? But I’d love to see you in one! I’m interested in your national costume as well, what does it consist of?
    Hope your neck is getting better!

    • Actually, you’ll be suprised about how practical the viking gear is, lots of flow-y dressses and aprons, a joy to wear:-) and when it comes to the national costume, also known as bunad, well you’ll just have to wait and see…;-)

  5. Oooh! I love seeing wardrobe plans, I guess that’s what spring is for in the sewing world? I should get up off my lazy — and make one for this winter. 😉

    Congratulations on moving back to Oslo! It seems like such a beautiful city.

  6. Love the linen shirt for your man! I am about to make one very similar for J. Well, when I say ‘about to’ I really mean sometime in the next three months….

  7. I love everything you’ve made! The striped Parfait is just yummy and I love your matching polka dot top. 🙂 Congratulations on moving back to Oslo. I hope you’re share photos of your new home and seaside!

  8. The Ship Ahoy Parfait is just stunning! The stripes are perfect for this style, but the little anchor on the pocket is divine!

  9. Your projects sound very fun, I wish you luck with your job interviews. I hope your problems go away soon and continue necks so productive. Wow!

  10. I’ve missed your loveliness in the blogosphere, but am glad you’re taking care of yourself. I also went to the doc today and think I should take a rest from computer work to not exacerbate a problem in my arm. But she didn’t say anything about sewing! 🙂

    Looking forward to seeing your Rum Diary dress and your parfait looks like wonderful inspiration for some red/white stripe fabric I have. xoxo

  11. Wowzers! You do have a busy May ahead of you! I am sooo pleased that you are participating despite all your plans. I wish you all the best with moving and for a speedy recovery with your neck. Plus I can’t wait to get a proper peek at those anchor-adorned garments!

    Zoe xxx

  12. Glad you’re feeling better. These projects all look so exciting. Looking forward to seeing posts about your move back to Oslo!

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