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Why not try and make a plan and then stick to it?

the making of a plan

sewing plan delfinelise

I went through my yarn stash recently. Since I no longer knit much (because of some neck/back issues), I thought it wise to free up some space by letting go of some of my yarn. That felt really good. So this morning I went through my fabric stash. Now, not so long ago I went through my fabric stash and gave away lots of silks/wools/cottons that I had been saving little scraps of. So my stash does now mostly consist of actual meterage (for the most part 1 meter or more).

Fabric with a plan


I love my stash. It´s colorful, diverse and it almost exclusively consist of natural fibers (the exceptions are fabric left over from projects sewn for others). Sadly, so much of it is just floating around without a plan. I have over the years tended to buy “bargains”, not knowing exactly what to make of it, but still buying in the right colors/fiber content/weight. So today I made a plan. I will, over the course of the next six months try to sew up two three pieces of stash fabric every month. Considering my personal sewing record (I think it was 80 items during 2011), I am not overly concerned about not being able to sew all of this in six months, but I do wary the need for eighteen new garments in my wardrobe. Some things, like for instance a couple of new special occasion dresses, are clearly gone missing, but other stuff, like more skirts, are harder to justify. So I guess, if I am adding eighteen new garments to my wardrobe, I need to let go of eighteen old ones that I don´t use anymore.


Sewing with a plan

sewing with a plan delfinelise

As those of you who have followed my sewing adventures for a while are aware of-  I love a good plan. Whether or not I really stick to it, is more up to question. It doesn´t really matter for me if I make everything on my lists, because for me, the plan is more like an excellent way of getting my creativity going, and some more sewing done. How much of the initial plan that gets a life as an actual garment, is not as important as the will to sew. So without further ado, here´s my plan:


My fabric choices:

Kollage 1

As you can see I am not really keeping to one specific color combo or anything like that. I have chosen my fabric with a couple of things in mind

  • The need for a garment like that
  • How long the fabric has been in my stash
  • Do I feel excited about this project
  • Is it seasonally appropriate

All arguments, are in my opinion equally important. There is no point in trying to force myself to make something from a fabric I don´t feel excited about. And the winters are long here in Norway, so it´s good to make garments that I can get a use for in the upcoming months. When I look through my picks, I notice that the fabric, more or less, falls into two categories. Fairly new acquisitions , and rather old ones. This is important for me, because the fairly new ones have been bought with specific needs in mind, like work attire, or to replace something that is worn out. The selection of old fabric is simply because I really love them, and would like to see them made into something pretty.  For each project I finish, I will try to tell you a story about the fabric, and why I got it, hopefully accompanied by pictures of the finished projects. Here´s to hoping!


Kollage 2



fall essentials sewalong

Sewing is more fun, though, if it is done together, so I am hereby registering myself as a participant of this years edition of the Fall Essentials Sew-Along.  It kickstarts September 1st, so that is the perfect timing for me. Thank you again, Sarah for being awesome and taking the initiative for this.

9 Responses to Why not try and make a plan and then stick to it?

  1. Hooray! I love sewing plans! I find I end not making anything wearable if I don’t use a plan. Your fabrics are lovely – what a rich, delightful colour scheme.

    So happy you’re joining FESA this year!

  2. Oooh, exciting plans! I’ve just about put together a plan for the pieces I want to make over autumn and winter, although how many I’ll get done remains to be seen!

  3. I like you idea tha Plan can be just a way for inspiration!! I am going to look through my stash and make my warm sewing plan too! But I should finish some summer stuff before(even if summer is almost done).

    • Hey! I found your replies in the spam filter. So sorry about that, sometimes Akismet is working too hard, I guess…
      I am looking forward both to seeing your finished summer sewing, and your winter plans. 🙂

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Lekala – my experience

First of all – thank you all for the thoughtful words regarding my missing dresses. I knew you´d understand. Still no sign of them, but if they show up, you´ll be the first to know. For the last year or so, I have more and more become smitten by Lekala, the pattern company that claims… Continue Reading…

2 Responses to Lekala – my experience

  1. Wow! I have not heard of this company and I’m very, very curious! No fit issues?! I can’t even imagine! I’m off to check them out!

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FO: Wool Fleece Jacket

Last summer we went to visit my family who have a cottage on a remote island off the coast of North-Western Norway. This is a place where summer is defined not by temperature, but by availability (the island is more or less unavailable during the winter months because of weather), so bringing some practical garments was… Continue Reading…

6 Responses to FO: Wool Fleece Jacket

  1. I love the jacket – such a great colour. The island looks fascinating. And I like your colour sense so much in the last picture 🙂 x

    • Thank you so much . It´s a wonderful place, unfortunately I don´t to go there very often. But it´s so peaceful and lovely!

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4 Responses to Deer and Doe Airelle

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6 Responses to FO: Marcy Tilton Vogue 8934 Coat

  1. This is wonderful! I think this shape is so flattering, and as you say, it’s super practical for layering with winter jumpers whilst still being comfortable. I’ve been putting off sewing a coat because I bought one almost identical to yours three years ago and couldn’t imagine any better coat! You’ll get a lot of wear from this!

    • Thank you! I love the fact that I can put on anything underneath, it´s so new still, that I catch myself smiling evrytime I reach for one of my thicker sweaters and put this coat on top. 🙂

  2. Your coat is so stylish! The darted hem is really interesting. I can see why you were drawn to it. And I had to laugh when I read what you wrote about the design that was meant to appeal to Marcy Tilton fans!

    • Thank you! I really love the darts, such an easy way to make something a little bit different. I love Marcy Tilton’s craftmanship, but her design choices aren’t always on the top of my list. Although I do appreciate the effort and energy that goes into that kind of work as well.:-)

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One of the best things about the me-made-may flickr pool, is all the new inspiration. This year quite a few members of the Japanese sewing community joined in, and brought an extra flair to the group. One pattern company that seemed to reoccur quite frequently was Tamanegi-Kobo. Tamanegi-Kobo sells PDF patterns, some have English instructions,… Continue Reading…

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I am a castaway!

I am thrilled to tell you that I am the ninth castaway on the ongoing series Desert Island Sewing over at the Scruffybadger´s place. Hop on over to read about which patterns I would bring with me to a desert island. It´s such a fun idea Ms. Scruffy has hatched, and I have enjoyed reading… Continue Reading…

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12 Responses to Sølvi & the Summer Dresses: New Look 6377

  1. LOVE that hat!! sundress looks great, the length is unusual to me, i’m not adventurous with lengths, knee or above for me! looking forward to seeing what other unblogged gems you have in your wardrobe.

  2. Seeing this dress really makes me believe in summer again. It’s so fresh and lovely! You style it so well also, looks fab with the hat and shoes 🙂

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Finished object: Stash piece no. 1: Mathilde.

Mathilde blouse in black crepe de chine – such a lovely fabric  to wear!  I´ve finished my Mathilde! You know, that gorgeous blouse pattern Tilly just released. Before I say anything more, you should really read Karen´s post on this, as she captures my exact thoughts on this blouse much more eloquently than I could do myself.… Continue Reading…

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  1. This is gorgeous! I’m working on mine at the minute, and I love how your’s looks tucked into a skirt. I didn’t think of it as a “tuck in” top, so I’ll have to remember that.

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0 Responses to Finished Object: Stash Piece No. 5: The Wrap Top.

  1. That’s a classic make Sølvi, really stylish. I’ve cake’s pavlova on order….looking forward to it.
    Ps having a rainbow in your book shelf is wonderful and I covet it !

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