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Toulouse Pullover

Just a short and sweet post, as I am excited to tell you I finished knitting another sweater! This is the Toulouse Pullover from the Knitscene winter 2012 edition. I fell in love with the style while browsing through my sister's copy of the magazine, so I decided I had to make it. One E-magazine bought on iPad later, and yarn bought specifically for the project, I cast on and knitted a new sweater just in time for spring.

I used Dale yarn's Lerke, a 50/50 cotton- wool blend. Love it! The pattern is easy to knit, and easy to adjust as it is knitted top- down. I can truly recommend it!


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  1. Gorgeous jumper! I think having to knit the long ties for the bow would have completely finished me off before I had even started but it looks so beautiful and stylish it would be worth the effort.Cheerful colour too!Well done!!

    • Thanks! I was indeed very happy that the tie was the first thing to knit, while the joy of a new knit is still fresh. I doubt there would be a tie if it was the last thing to knit,:-)

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More or less one year after I started it, I finished the chunky and cabled cardigan Aidez designed by Cirilia Rose. With 2551 finished projects in Ravelry´s database, this is one POPULAR cardigan. This is my first major cabled project, I have knitted some mittens and stuff with smaller patches of cables, but this one consists mainly of cables.… Continue Reading…

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  1. It is gorgeous and looks so warm to wear. The cables look impressive. It’s a cold morning here, making we want to grab it off you ! xx

  2. It’s gorgeous! This time of year I get a lot more knitting time than sewing time but I don’t think I’ll cast on an Aidez quite way. Next year maybe. 😉

  3. Oh I’ve always loved that pattern. So jealous. Someday, SOMEDAY I will make a sweater!

    By the way, I have a hard time reading the font you use on your blog. Not sure if it is a formatting thing that changes from you viewing it to me viewing it on a different computer or what, but some of the bits of letters are so thin they almost disappear into the white background 🙁

    • Thanks for telling me, on my monitor the font looks fine, but I have had som trouble with it before. I´ve tried to adjust it, but I will have to go further into the CSS to change it. Hope I can get it fixed soon! 🙂

      • There, I hope I have fixed it. Changed it back into a plain ol´Helvetica. Can´t go wrong with that. 🙂

  4. Wow! It looks great (and personally I love the mistake, I think it looks good) and I’m in awe of your knitting skills. I can see why you’d rather be wearing it than blocking it, it looks yummy and warm!

  5. How did I miss this post? I love this cardi! I have been planning to knit it since it first came out 😀
    Just catching up on a huge backlog of blog-reading. Fascinating stashbusting plans! Really looking forward to seeing how it all works out.

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A FFO: The plaid half-circle skirt.

Remember this post? No? I don´t blame you, it´s been over a year. BUT I´ve finally finished my plaid half-circle skirt! That´s why I call it a FFO – a Finally Finished Project. The irony here is that making a circle skirt really doesn´t take a lot of time. But you know, winter came and… Continue Reading…

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  1. The skirt looks so elegant and warm – i love how you’ve combined it in the picture with the tights and cowl. Great colour choices. x

  2. What a lovely fall outfit! I hope I can find some nice flanell this winter, as wearing a blanket already sounds like a really nice idea – and it looks stylish, too! I really like your cowl, such a nice pop of colour!

  3. Thanks, I seem to be prepping for winter these days.
    @Alessa: I can really recommend making a skirt out of flanell. It´s just lovely to wear! 🙂

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A quick tip: knitting and iPad

I have recently discovered a wonderful way of using my iPad for knitting, and thought I’d share it with other iPadders out there. I am currently knitting the Selbu Modern hat, a Christmas present. The pattern is not one easily remembers, and I need to look at the pattern quite regularly. Although there are a… Continue Reading…

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  1. That’s a great idea. I always think I could be using my iPad / smart phone more productively for knitting / sewing but haven’t quite figured out how yet! This is a start, thanks! Any other such tips gratefully received!

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How many UFO´s are too many UFO´s?

Now that is my question for you today. As I was organizing my yarn, it occurred to me that I have a giant stack of knitting UFO´s. I tend to start on projects, and then move on to something else (almost) right away. Actually that is just part of the truth, I have more UFO´s than usual.… Continue Reading…

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  1. I admit that if I have more than 3 or so UFO’s I tend to feel overwhelmed. However, this is not at all the case with books. I am currently in the middle of about 9 books. Unfortunately sometimes I let the book sit so long without going back to it that I’ve forgotten what has happened and I have to restart it! That can happen in knitting too if I don’t take good notes to describe where I was in the process. 🙂

    • Wow, nine books, now that would probably make me overwhelmed. I have a (rather) strict one book at a time policy.;-) and I agree about taking good notes, it is absolutely necessary, although my iphone app knitminder, is helping alot too!

  2. i laughed at this post…the ufos just kept on coming and each one made me think “hmm i want to make that”. Especially stripey wristlets! I got my negelected knitting bag out this week for the first time since january and found two ufos in it, both scarves. I hope to finish them but have 3 sewing ufos too. xx

    • I love the strpes too. It’s such a good relaxing knit, just regular knit and purl, but the shifting of colors makes it fun!

  3. The number of UFOs in my house is rather fluent, lol. Sometimes, I just have to start ALL THE THINGS, and then I have phases where I just want to sit down and finish all of them, have a clean slate to start from again.
    Generally, tho, I try to limit my UFOs around 5 the most, ideally 3. And I totally agree, I have different projects for different occasions – mindless TV knitting, semi-mindless TV knitting, and “I actually have to pay attention Sunday afternoon” knitting 😀

    • Hehe, I do recognize myself in your description of making EVERYTHING at the same time. i guess it’s just the mysterious ways of inspiration?:-)

  4. I have a lot of UFOs in both the knitting and the sewing realm. The sewing ones bother me more than the knitting ones. My feeling about the knitting is that there are no rules, and as long as you are comfortable with the number of projects on the go, that’s fine. That being said, I’m pretty sure I’m on the sleeves of Aidez and I should probably finish that up. The one thing I did do a few years ago when things were really getting out of hand was to whiz up a few drawstring bags on the sewing machine out of some leftover cotton so that all the pieces of the UFOs and the pattern are together. Now, if I need a project quickly, I just grab one of the bags.

  5. Brilliant!! Love the idea that you get started and inspired so often!!! Thankfully ( or is it?) Im a one knit woman…but maybe that’s why I’m making such slow progress – hit a bump and completely stop!! Your knit projects are wonderful , some really beautiful designs and colours….

    • Yes, I´m not sure if it´s a good thing or a bad thing to have so many projects at the same time. All I know is that at the moment, I don´t mind. 🙂 Hope your Wisdom is on it´s way, you made such a gorgeous color choice! 🙂

  6. I understand this problem! But 11 does seem like a lot. 🙂 I usually have about three projects going at one time (like you said, something simple and something else complicated). Anything more than that and I start to get frustrated because I don’t make much progress on any of them! Good luck finishing these. They will all be very beautiful.

  7. Wowzers! That’s some seriously lovely and cosy garments on their way…. So sorry to hear about your neck troubles lovely lady. Hope it’s much better now.

    Zoe xxx

  8. I would have a panic attack if I had that many projects on the go! At the moment I have one pair of socks and one cardigan on the needles. I also have half a cardigan and a glove to frog, but they are in hiding. When I find them, their number is up!
    Ooh – Aidez! That’s high in my queue – I look forward to seeing yours!

    • Haha, I´m glad I´m not that glove or half a cardigan. 😉 I made some real progress on Aidez while watching three episodes of Mad Men last night. I hope to start on the front pieces soon. It´s such a fun knit!

  9. Oh wow, those are all lovely UFOs! I’m almost jealous!
    Eleven really is quite a lot, although I guess if you manage not to lose your place (or the instructions), more power to you. 😉
    I’m working on two UFOs, a little lace shrug in red cotton yarn and a lace shawl (Percy on Ravelry) in aqua lace yarn. I think the pattern might be a bit complicated for me, though, I had to unravel it after 17 rows and have yet to start again. I guess I need to cast on a little mindless project for when I’m knitting in company. Maybe socks. With that nice alpaca sock yarn.

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26 Responses to Markal/Shiva Paint Stiks are awesome!

  1. I looks amazing on my computer. That’s a great outfit, the effect of kimono style sweater over the painted skirt is great.

  2. That looks great! I especially like the colors against the dark denim. have you tried using texture plates? They are also fun to use with the paints.

    • No, I haven´t tried texture plates yet, but they look very interesting. I´d like to try them out at some point. 🙂

    • Do it! I loved what you did with the colors on your painted jacket, so I´m guessing you can come up with something fantastic using these as well! 🙂

  3. They look like fun – i have just let the kids use fabric paints and pens uptil now. You make me think it is my turn to use them now! I like the effect on the denim skirt and a lovely coloured blouse on you. x

  4. How fun is that! I’ve thought about designing fabric via spoonflower but this looks much more fun and spontaneous. What a great, comfy sweater too 🙂

    • I´ve been dabbling with some spoonflower ideas too, I´ve used it a couple of times for small projects, but it is rather expensive, especially with the shipping over here too. So this is a much more economical solution. 😉

  5. Wow, how very cool! I love the iridescent look on the denim! The cardi is very lovely, too! I just bought my first alpaca wool (well, part-alpaca sock wool) and it’s so soft! 🙂

  6. Woweeeee! I love the effect on the denim – it looks very effective, but totally in tune with your “FUN” theme. That cardigan is causing me to drool …..I am off to check it out!

    • Thanks! The cardigan is made up rather quickly, garter stitches and raglan sleeves – super easy!

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Some progress

I’ve been kind of busy the last couple of weeks, with little time for sewing. I took some time this morning, though, to make a little case for my knitting stuff, like stitch markers, pens and such. This is the result: I’ll be back with more exciting projects as soon as my workload is under… Continue Reading…

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  1. No, don’t wreck the illusion with talk of work!!! I’m imagining you’re off having lots of FUN in big pink and blue theme letters and will return, possibly with outfit photos, in your own time 😉

  2. Very cute! I think I need to make one of those roll-up needle cases very soon. I got a package of different knitting needles of ebay, and right now I’m still storing them in the padded envelope they came in…

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Keeping it cozy.

A backlog of unblogged craftiness is rapidly increasing here at Casa delfinelise. I have another pair of corduroys to show you, I’ve nearly finished a coat, and I have ventured into the magical world of shiva sticks, all without sharing it with you! What I have been most occupied with though, is knitting. I have… Continue Reading…

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  1. Ooh, I can’t wait to see what you’ve done with the shiva sticks! I have some oil sticks I’ve used in paintings but I just read recently about using them on fabric. Sounds very fun.

    • Oh, it was so much fun! I´ve tried them on denim and silk, and it worked perfectly for both materials

  2. you’ve made a metre of the Dr Who scarf already? wow super knitter 🙂
    i love the weekend cowl – an excellently timed post as i’ve been trying to decide on a pattern to make for one of my sisters and when i saw this, well its perfect, yay!
    looking forward to seeing the rest of your craftiness!

  3. So, one metre down, about 20 more to go? haha. Love that tabby tam hat, might have to make one myself! hurrah for knitting in Autumn!

  4. Thanks for the Fibertarian link – I had never heard of it. The website looks awesome. Can’t wait to see some of your finished knitting!

  5. I love the hat, the cable pattern looks great. I hadn’t heard of fibertarian either. I agree autumn knitting is great, plus knitting is so portable. I’ve just finished a scarf for my little girl’s nursery teacher, and have started a snood for me! x

  6. Awesome knits! I may just have to cast on for that cowl. Can’t wait to see your Wisdom! My yarn arrived last week but I won’t be able to cast on until after the holidays.

  7. Oooh! I love it. I imagine knitted items are particularly useful in your part of the world and, since they’re made by you, terribly stylish as well 😉 I’m hoping to work my way up to a tam and a sweater.

  8. You’ve been so busy! I am in awe of your tam! And if there was a bet on you finishing your wisdom first, I’d be a winner. But so fast! Youve won the race!! Can’t wait to see it!

  9. Thanks so much for mentioning my website. If I can again gain interest in my little magazine, perhaps I will start publishing again, but at this time, ravelry has allowed everyone to self publish. I am publishing my own work via my website though, and selling yarns and needles. Again, thanks so much for mentioning my site!

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Happiness is…

First of all: Thank you all so much for the lovely comments on my birthday! They all made me smile when I read them. 🙂 I am happy. I am beyond happy.  Thrilled! And excited! Is it because Me-Made-June is drawing closer? Although that will be a lot of fun, that is not the main… Continue Reading…

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  1. So pretty! Congratulations on finishing this, it looks great. This cardigan pattern keeps popping up on various sites I visit…maybe it’s a sign that I should add it to my Ravelry queue?

  2. Hooray! What is it about Audrey that inspires this feeling of reaching the end of a marathon…?! Well done! Now you are free to knit something else! Probably not in black cotton. Oh – and it looks lovely! I bet you want to wear it every day!

  3. Congratulations!! It looks great. Talk about staying power with a project, I bet you’ll use it loads 🙂 So glad you’re in the sew-along this year!

  4. Congrats! That’s a very pretty cardi! Also, welcome to the Summer Essentials Sew-along this year! I’m looking forward to see what projects you come up with. 🙂

  5. Love the cardi. And your sun hat looks great too. I am just catching up onreading your posts. So belated happy birthday greetings to you. I am so taken with your traid shoes, just gorgeous. Very tempted to get some. 🙂

    • Thanks Debbie, I am still breaking the shoes in, they are a bit small in the size, but I think it´ll be alright because the inside is made of suede. It´s just a matter of time and blisters….;-)

  6. O lykke! En norsk blogger som syr noe annet enn velourkjoler med raglanermer! Jeg tror jeg dør hvis jeg ser en velourkjole til, og er på jakt etter mer skreddersydd inspirasjon. Takk for fin blogg!

    • Haha! Jeg vet akkurat hva du mener, og det er noe av grunnen til at jeg skriver på engelsk! 🙂

  7. Må kanskje begynne jeg og. Det bare føles som så pretensiøst — og til tross for fire års skrive og språkstudier på engelsk, merker jeg plutseliig at det er norsk jeg nå skriver best på.
    Uansett, gøy å finne deg og dine lenker. Min plan er flere ordentlige klær fremover.(velourkjoler har jeg dog aldri sydd.)

  8. Yay!!!!!!!! Congrats! It looks beautiful, I’m in total awe of your knitting prowess. Sorry to hear it took illness to provide the opportunity to get it finished though. Happy belated birthday, welcome to the 30’s crew!

    You asked about my project where I’m making stuff for my friend, yours sounds so exciting too! Funny that we are both doing the same thing. We must have lots of good sewing-karma heading our way!

    Regarding fit, I have my friends measurements, which are fairly similar to mine, though overall her shape is quite different, but it gives me enough of an idea what will roughly fit. I’m not attempting anything too precisely fitted. Slightly fitted T-shirts and stuff shold be fine. I think I might make her a very fitted dress at some point, but only if she is coming to the UK and I can get a fitting done.

    Good luck with your projects, can’t wait to see what you come up with next


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Off to the fair!

I am so sorry for the recent radio silence, but after a week of illness always comes a week of crazy catching up (and in this case an exam as well). But. Last Saturday, I managed to get out of the house, jump on the commute and head for Stockholm International Fair and the biannual Syfestivalen.… Continue Reading…

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  1. Wow, what a great way to spend the day! That fair looks like so much fun. You were smart to bring only cash!!! 🙂

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