Springspiration & Plans 2019

Delfinelise sewing and knitting plans 2019

I recently started reading blogs again (thank goodness my old Feedly-feed was still active), and on the Sewcialists blog, I came across a link to MyBodyModel. I´ve always loved sketching out my sewing plans, and this little app makes it possible for me to make croquis much more resembeling my own body. That´s truly helpful…

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Spring is in the air. Although there might be a couple of months still before the leaves on the trees will start to show up, it definately is time for some spring sewing planning. Of course, I´ve had my Springspiration board on Pinterest for months, so I am not completely unprepared. colors As you might…

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That´s Sew Cinematic: The plan.

  So, a little late in the Cinematic Sewing Game, I return with some plans for my spring sewing. According to the meteorologists, the weather in Sweden is three weeks early, and we are experiencing some wonderfully sunny and warm days. Maybe it´s time to bring out the summer wardrobe? Or maybe it´s time to make some spring-y…

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First of all: Happy New Year, everyone! I sincerely hope that this will be a wonderful year for all! The last couple of years, I have been focusing on putting together a thought-through and balanced wardrobe, but this year, in 2012 I am going for the fun! As I now have a closet full of practical everyday wear,…

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A gift.

My darling came home from a conference in Seattle today, and he brought with him a gift for me: I´ve been following Design Sponge for years, loving all the DIY´s, the design inspiration and the Biz Ladies posts. So imagine my excitement when I unwrapped this gift! Last week I used a tutorial from the…

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I love word games and puns. And I especially love to make new words out of two existing ones. Might be a teeny-tiny bit dorky, but hey – that is just the way I am… Take the words spring and inspiration. Springspiration.  I am really better at this in norwegian, for obvious reasons, but if…

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