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How To Make an Hawaiian Quilt.

I´ve been working a couple of weeks in a really tiny and small isolated part of Norway this summer, and so I´ve needed a portable craft that I could bring with me. I really do enjoy hand-sewing, so when I came across this Hawaiian Quilting technique on Pinterest, I was sold. There are so many beautiful patterns to be made, all of which are inspired by the Hawaiian nature.

My dream is to once be able to make a king size bed spread, but thought it wise to start with something a bit simpler. So I chose this template that I found on Martha Stewart. I found the instructions to be quite clear, and the fact that the template was free, is just a bonus.

I am really enjoying the process, and it really is faster than I expected. The trick is to make the stitches tiny enough that they almost don´t show, when attaching the flower motif to the pillow.

This is how far I have come:

hawaiian quilt delfinelise

I am using a scrap of a super-soft corduroy in a warm yellow color for the flower motif, and a regular cotton sateen for the backing. I am really looking forward to the rest of the process with the quilting as well, it sure will be exciting!


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  1. This looks like it will be lovely Solvi! I’ve never seen this technique before. I hope you’re enjoying your time in a different part of Norway – sounds very tranquil!

  2. This looks really interesting, I had never heard of Hawaiian quilting before. I’m looking forward to seeing the end result!

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  1. I don’t think it looks as bad as you think it does!! I *love* your selfish sewing plan though. I need to get on that. I’m still mentally preparing for the stash-busting project.

    • Thanks Donna! it’s not as much how it looks as how it feels.:-) espcially the sleeves. I was SO close to panicking and ripping them off of me trying to get it off!:-)

      Hope to see your stashbusting sewing plans soon.:-)

  2. I can also see the positives in your almost outfit! I hope you can save them as they really do have potential, and I love the bib blouse. As for your stash busting productivity, wow! I think I feel more organised just looking at the system you’ve created for your ironing station.
    Ps I love seeing your sewing sketches too !

    • I definitely will save the skirt, no doubt. Look out for it sneaking into feature posts! 🙂 And I have to say I am so pleased with the way I organizde things around the ironing board. For the first time it doesn´t become a complete mess the minute I lay eyes on the iron anymore. Woohoo!

  3. I’ve made most of my to-sew list from my stash this year. Fingers crossed I’ll stick to it. I hate fly-front skirts too! I have quite a little potbelly, being an apple shape, that makes it always stick out funny. Alas. Apart from the clothes, the other stuff you made came out awesome, I lurve the fabric you used on your ironing board decor.

    • Yay! for using stash fabric, and nice to hear someone else have the sam e opinion about the front fly. It all comes down to dressing in a way to suit out body type and personality, doesn’t it?:-)

  4. I don’t think your outfit looks bad at all! Honestly, I think most of the time we just overthink things because we see through sewists’ eyes. At any rate, your scrapbusting looks amazing…I love your illustrated plan!

    • Thanks for hosting the sewalong! And thanks for the nice words, I guess I am much more picky with my clothing than before I started to sew, but I really think that is so positive! Finally I can wear good looking pieces that I feel good in. I say Hurrah for our sewists eyes!:-)

  5. Awesome that you’re joining the stashbusting challenge! Your new projects look great and very useful. And, thanks for the sweet words about my blog!

  6. I’m glad you’re joining in the challenge! And your new projects look awesome and very useful. Also, thank you for the sweet words about my blog!

  7. Oh, lovely plans! I really like that you’re always sketching your plans. I should remember to do so, too, it’s such good practice! I’m also joining the stashbusting sewalong. 🙂
    That caddy and pincushion looks so lovely and useful! Great idea!

  8. Sorry to see the outfit didn’t work out but your plans for sewing this year look intriguing, is that underwear or a bikini at no. 11? Love the idea for reuseable make-up pads, definitely going to have to whip myself up some of those once the house is back on track!

    • Thanks, it’s just how it is with sewing, you win some, you loose some. I’m making a bikini (hopefully)! Those make up pads are really good, so I can really recommend it!:-)

  9. This post is so inspiring!! I absolutely love these stashbusting projects. The fabric you used for the ironing board cover, caddy, etc., is beautiful. I’m also jealous of your sketching skills. Looks like you’re going to have an amazing 2013. The new blouse is lovely, by the way. I’m sorry you’re not happy with it, but it is a nice style on you so I’m sure you’ll work it out! Happy Sewing!!!

  10. What an inspiring post – The sewalong looks great – I am thinking I will join in as most of my planned sewing involves stashbusting this year! The sewing caddy looks fab – what a clever idea. But mostly I love the washcloths and feel like copying you! The skirt and blouse look good in the photo but I know that photo and reality aren’t always the same, good luck with the alterations. 🙂

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The move. Part two.

Hello all, I hope you are enjoying yourself whatever weather and temperature. I´ve not been sewing anything yet, but I thought I´d share some images from the move with you today. We´ve moved in, I have realized that I have a stash WAY out of hand, a friend of mine is the new lucky owner… Continue Reading…

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  1. Go the Dolly Shrine! The new place sounds great – I always really enjoy the move to a new place – always so full of possibilities 🙂

  2. The new home looks lovely – I like the daily shrine and jewellery wall. I hope you are settling in okay. Does this move mean a new job? If so good luck with that too. x

    • Thanks for the concern, Zoe! I´m well, just been busy settling in to my new home and town! 🙂

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Hi all! Me-Made May´12 is over, and I hope to get back to regular blogging soon! Only thing I didn´t take into consideration before I signed up to Me-Made May this year, was that I would be painting furniture and a terrace this month. For that I didn´t wear me-mades. I don´t have any me-mades… Continue Reading…

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  1. Lots of great clothes, as usual! Good luck with your moving adventures. You have a great attitude about something that most people get very stressed out about. 🙂

  2. Lovely outfits – I spotted a Ceylon! That pattern has been on my mind a lot lately… Yay for the move! I hate packing up, but decorating a new home and making it yours is lovely!

  3. You’re always lovely, Solvi. I’m looking forward to your pattern reviews and peeks at your new digs! If you decorate like you sew, it’s going to be one fabulous place. 🙂 Happy moving!

  4. I always love seeing your outfits & photos! How exciting to be moving! I’m glad it’s something you feel relaxed about, afterall it’s a creative adventure moving into a new space & making it yours …:-)

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Holiday preparations

Mrs. Matryoshka Christmas is drawing closer, and this year I´ve signed up for Tilly´s Crafty Christmas Club, so I´ll post my holiday crafting over there. But I´ll give you a sneak peek of the first ornament I made this year, a felt Matryoshka doll. I used an excellent tutorial made by Danielle Wilson at my Sparkle.… Continue Reading…

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  1. Super cute!! There is something about felt decorations being very Christmassy… Bright colours and lovely details. You’re getting me in the mood too!

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A gift.

My darling came home from a conference in Seattle today, and he brought with him a gift for me: I´ve been following Design Sponge for years, loving all the DIY´s, the design inspiration and the Biz Ladies posts. So imagine my excitement when I unwrapped this gift! Last week I used a tutorial from the… Continue Reading…

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    • Yup, I´m loving the book, lots of pretty pics, although the DIY´s could have been more thorough. I guess it´s difficult to fit everything into a book. 😉

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Tulle pom poms

Going through my blogroll this morning, there were so many inspirational creations all around, that I had to make something to brighten up our living room. Pronto! So I scrolled through my inspiration folder, and remembered this picture from design sponge. I googled “how to tulle pom pom”, and found this tutorial over at oncewed, and off… Continue Reading…

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Inspiration board

Just a quick post today, testing the WordPress App and showing you my new inpiration board. I made this last night, using stuff from my stash. There is not much up there yet; a pic of Kate, a pair of cat eye frames, they are unfortunately too small for me, but they still are mighty… Continue Reading…

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  1. It’s so pretty!! I love the contrast between the fabric and the ribbon. Your treasures are lovely. I need a board like this! 🙂

    • Thanks Sarah, it was such an easy Sunday activity. And it was so much fun to go through my stash to find things that fit together for it! 🙂

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  1. I don’t know how much sewing experience you have (so maybe you already know this), but sometimes machines can drop stitches when the needle gets too dull. It can also cause problems with keeping the machine threaded at times.

    • Thanks, I will try that, it´s so easy to forget to change needles form time to time! 🙂

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