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Learning through blogging.

Time flies while sewing and having fun

Do you knew it´s been almost ten years since I started blogging? In the beginning I wrote very random stuff in Norwegian. At the time I had only just begun to sew, and I saw myself more as a crocheter than anything else. After finding, I was so inspired! Both by her awesome crochet and felt projects, but also by her social awareness. In 2008 this here blog became a sewing/craft- blog. In 2010 I made my pledge to not buy any RTW clothes that year, and I can honestly say that it changed my life. Since then, I can count the RTW clothes I have bought on, maybe not one hand, but at least only two, and I feel so much better about my wardrobe now than I ever did before.

Knowledge & friendships

Blogging has given me new knowledge about building websites, using social media and lots of techy stuff as well, and more often than not, I have experimented with new things here first, before applying it to my workspace homepage. Last but not least – blogging has given me a whole new community of friends and like-minded people from all over the world. I have been fortunate enough to have met with some of you IRL as well, and I can´t wait for the chance to meet new people in the future.

Fast learning

I find that blogging about something you really enjoy enhances the feeling of joy, and it gives you new insights and skill faster. Once I write something down, it is easier to reflect on it later. Also – once I started to take photos of myself in different garments, I learned what works for me and what doesn´t. My blogging has always been a bit arbitrary, and non-consistent, but I have been sewing consistently, and never given up on my principles of buying as little RTWas possible.

Let´s keep on blogging

I will keep on blogging and sewing and hope you will too – so that blogging doesn´t become something only for the professionals and business owners, but continue to be the voice of keen sewists everywhere.

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  1. Happy Blog anniversary Solvi! I always enjoy your blog posts, and it was lovely to meet you when you were in London. My blogging is also very sporadic, but I definitely still get lots out of it – community, advice, a bit of perspective and contemplation on my own makes, and of course as a means of documenting what I’ve made, all the same things you list above. I’ve recently stopped reading quite a few fashion/lifestyle blogs I used to follow as they were becoming just way too sponsored, like whole posts where the sole purpose seemed to be highlighting a particular product that blogger had been ‘gifted’. I’ll stick to sewing blogs from now on!

    • Thank you Kathryn! I loved meeting you too – I hope I´ll be able to go back to the UK soon again. 🙂 I know what you mean about sponsored blogs like that, I usually run into them when searching for more DIY/craft things, and also at times if I am searching for instructions for baking. i find that most sewing bloggers who are sponsored are quite transparent, in comparison, thank heavens. 🙂 I love reading your posts as well, although I am not always as good at commenting….;)

  2. Happy 10 years! Finding you during Me-Made-May and seeing the amazing variety of clothing you’d created was a huge inspiration to me. I love the world of amateur sewing blogging, too.

    • Thank you! I really am very happy for meeting so many wonderful sewists online – I am so in awe over the wedding dress you made for your sister – such a beautiful piece of craftmanship! 🙂

  3. I totally agree on all points! Ten years is a long stretch, I’ve started on my third year, still it seems only yesterday I posted my first post 🙂 Keep it going:D

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Sew Dolly Clackett – My Contribution.

I met both Roisin and Nic once, last year while visiting London – both terrific people. So when I learned the news that they were getting married, and that Sarah would host a Sew- Along, the excitement was pretty big. Sarah – you are a genius (and thank goodness you didn´t quit blogging all together)!… Continue Reading…

12 Responses to Sew Dolly Clackett – My Contribution.

  1. Oh this has immediately leapt into my top five dolly clackett inspired makes … A oerfect fitting dress in an avalanche of colour. Love it.

  2. I love it! I’ve got that fabric with the black background and I was thinking of something similar it’s great to see how it looks. The dress looks amazing and is fab on you.

  3. This fabric!! I love it Solvi! You’re really captured the fun of Roisin’s style as well as the great fit. Where did you take the photos? That porch or balcony looks lovely.

    • Thanks Kathryn! I took one photo on the balcony, the other outside the building. Spring – don´t you just love it? 🙂

  4. Truly beautiful, Sølvi! I love that siren print, and you nailed the Anna bodice. (I’m still fighting it, but I will prevail). It was a great idea to make it with a circle skirt. The colors are stunning!

    • Thanks Shelley! The bodice didn´t give me any headaches for once, usually I have to do a FBA, but not on this for some reason. Good luck on yours! 🙂

  5. Hey, you really suit being a redhead. I like it! Aaaah I love this dress so much! I considered buying the mermaids fabric but was unsure because of the scale of the print, but you have proved that it works fabulously. Thank you so much for your kind wishes, and for taking part and I hope Nic and I will be able to raise a glass with you and Anders again in the future xxx

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12 Responses to Sølvi & the Summer Dresses: New Look 6377

  1. LOVE that hat!! sundress looks great, the length is unusual to me, i’m not adventurous with lengths, knee or above for me! looking forward to seeing what other unblogged gems you have in your wardrobe.

  2. Seeing this dress really makes me believe in summer again. It’s so fresh and lovely! You style it so well also, looks fab with the hat and shoes 🙂

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17 Responses to Some FO skirts and pictures from a journey.

  1. Oh, your poor finger! I hope you get well soon. I think you’ve been visiting Morocco. Am I right?

    Your skirts are lovely (the yellow tights are fab!) and I really like your purple knitted jumper.

  2. Wow – your “mini with yellow tights and a purple jumper and a beret” pictures are amazing! fab, fab, fab!
    Sorry about your finger though.

  3. I love the skirts especially the red one…and the jumper too. Your trip looks great – I guess Istanbul!! Hope your finger is healing. xx

  4. Solvi what fab holiday pics, they are really evocative…but also am loving your burdastyle skirt…wow, what a look! And your cute red vogue skirt makes me want to get on with mine too….I do love your colour sense, but then I’ve said that before…gorgeous purple jumper too! Nice and chunky for the autumn

  5. Oh no! I hope your finger gets better soon! Loving your makes, especially the Burda skirt, looks amazing on you!

  6. Istanbul! We went there in June, and had tea in the same place – what a view. Did you like the city? And did you buy any fabric…? I love these two outfits – especially the colours and proportions of the second one. Wow. I hope your finger recovers soon 🙂

  7. Definately my city 🙂 İstanbul. Next time I will be happy to meet and take you to a bazaar that you Will get crazy when you see How cheap and beatiful are the fabrics.

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10 Responses to FO: Fairtrade pencil skirt.

  1. Oh wow! The yellow belt makes it look so “fashion” and yet it has a vintage air to it too. I would never have known the fabric was from Offset – I passed over this print assuming it was for upholstery – but you look NOTHING like an armchair in it! 😉

  2. I love the skirt and the print. Did you use a special type of interfacing to avoid the waistline rolling over? I read a review on Burdastyle from Frabjous Couture that said she use boning.

  3. Thanks everyone!
    @Sewing Princess: I didn´t use any special type of interfacing, just the regular one I usually use, a woven cotton one, not especially thin nor thick. I just understitched the facing and tacked it in place. 🙂

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An update might be in order.

During the last couple of months I haven´t been able to show you much of anything I´ve been sewing. Because I have a neck problem, my computer time has been limited for work only, but I am slowly getting better, and hope to return to “regular schedule” during the next couple of months. Speaking of… Continue Reading…

18 Responses to An update might be in order.

  1. Fun clothes! What pattern did you use for your man’s shirt? I hope your neck problem clears up soon – that’s *not* fun.

    • Thank you, I feel much better now than a month ago! 🙂

      I use McCall´s 2447. Classic shirt pattern with lots of options!

  2. I’m glad that sewing doesn’t seem to be affecting your neck, and hope you feel better soon, That is quite a line-up and I love the nautical theme. I really love that polka dot blouse, what’s the pattern? Also, I want to see you in your Syttende Mai costume whether you make it or not!

    • Sewing is one the few activities I can do, luckily. 🙂 Nice Norwegian spelling, by the way! And the blouse pattern is New Look 6808.

  3. Sounds like you’re going to be even busier! I hope you neck problem gets better soon and that the move goes smoothly. I have to ask, will we get pictures of you in historical costumes for work? 😉

    • Absolutely, historic costumes will be part of the challenge, I have made them myself! 🙂

  4. Oh wow, that’s a lot of fun all in one post! I love your ship ahoy Parfait and that cute polka-dot blouse! And your man is very lucky getting those smashing shirts! And Viking age historical garments sound very cool – if not quite practical? But I’d love to see you in one! I’m interested in your national costume as well, what does it consist of?
    Hope your neck is getting better!

    • Actually, you’ll be suprised about how practical the viking gear is, lots of flow-y dressses and aprons, a joy to wear:-) and when it comes to the national costume, also known as bunad, well you’ll just have to wait and see…;-)

  5. Oooh! I love seeing wardrobe plans, I guess that’s what spring is for in the sewing world? I should get up off my lazy — and make one for this winter. 😉

    Congratulations on moving back to Oslo! It seems like such a beautiful city.

  6. Love the linen shirt for your man! I am about to make one very similar for J. Well, when I say ‘about to’ I really mean sometime in the next three months….

  7. I love everything you’ve made! The striped Parfait is just yummy and I love your matching polka dot top. 🙂 Congratulations on moving back to Oslo. I hope you’re share photos of your new home and seaside!

  8. The Ship Ahoy Parfait is just stunning! The stripes are perfect for this style, but the little anchor on the pocket is divine!

  9. Your projects sound very fun, I wish you luck with your job interviews. I hope your problems go away soon and continue necks so productive. Wow!

  10. I’ve missed your loveliness in the blogosphere, but am glad you’re taking care of yourself. I also went to the doc today and think I should take a rest from computer work to not exacerbate a problem in my arm. But she didn’t say anything about sewing! 🙂

    Looking forward to seeing your Rum Diary dress and your parfait looks like wonderful inspiration for some red/white stripe fabric I have. xoxo

  11. Wowzers! You do have a busy May ahead of you! I am sooo pleased that you are participating despite all your plans. I wish you all the best with moving and for a speedy recovery with your neck. Plus I can’t wait to get a proper peek at those anchor-adorned garments!

    Zoe xxx

  12. Glad you’re feeling better. These projects all look so exciting. Looking forward to seeing posts about your move back to Oslo!

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12 Responses to Fun! – The Header Dress – Pattern Review: BurdaStyle 01-2010-130

  1. Definitely fun! You are certainly full of pizzazz today! 😀
    Question: is this a new length for you? I only just discovered higher hemlines for myself and while I like them I am a bit wary of wearing them to work. Do you?

  2. […] posted a question on my last post regarding the length of the header dress: She wondered wether this was a new length for me. An excellent question, and I know she has […]

  3. I love days like this and in THIS I means days I find adorable blogs like yours. I simple love your dress. I can’t wait to see all the things you make and read your past posts.

  4. I LOVE that dress of yours! It’s funny that you found inspiration in my dress, because I find THIS inspirational! Oh no, are we going to go round in an inspiration-circle?! xxx

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First of all: Happy New Year, everyone! I sincerely hope that this will be a wonderful year for all! The last couple of years, I have been focusing on putting together a thought-through and balanced wardrobe, but this year, in 2012 I am going for the fun! As I now have a closet full of practical everyday wear,… Continue Reading…

19 Responses to Fun!

  1. Oooh, loving the colours, can’t wait to see what you come up with! Happy New Year, hope it’s an amazing year for you!

  2. LOVE IT! Can’t wait to see what you create, Solvi.
    (Ps. I replied on my post but how about a pinterest challenge in February?)

  3. Awesome! I’m all over sewing for fun, too!! I can’t wait to see what you make – your colours are yummy!

    Happy New Year, dear Solvi!

  4. Oh, what an awesome goal for 2012! Fun! It’s a lovely palette, very similar to my go-to colours. I’m sure you’ll have fun with it, happy stitching!

  5. Hooray for fun! Can’t wait to see what you whip up. I’m right behind you in making an everyday wardrobe — but I look forward to inspiration, fun on the horizon 🙂

  6. FUN! I love that idea for a sewing year’s theme. Great palette too! I have a few more staples to make, and then perhaps something fun for me!

  7. Sorry to repeat- this is a great idea- shows how fantabulous your handmade wardrobe is already – and seeing your gallery and remembering your me made month outfits, the scope of your handmade wardrobe is to be envied!! In my mind you already use colour in a fun way so this feels like a really good extension. Sounds like the perfect focus this year. And I love your first fun dress with the lace!

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