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FO: Fairtrade pencil skirt.

Thanks for all the lovely comments on my UFO post. It seems like most settle on three projects at a time. That sounds sane. I am not going for sane, though. I´m going for chaos! 😉 No, seriously, eleven is a little excessive, but I did actually finish one of them yesterday, as well as…

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Living in the World.

  Kavala, Greece. I was over at crab&bee´s lovely blog today and read a great review of the book No more dirty looks by Siobhan O’Connor and Alexandra Spunt. Not only was the review great (I instantly added the book to my wishlist, as well as it is a great present for an upcoming birthday), it…

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2010 – my challenge in review

2010 was the year where I decided it was time to stop spending on clothes, and spend more time sewing.  About a year ago I decided to not buy anything new. This would allow me to: I will be more creative – since I can’t buy new clothes, I will have to make them myself…

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Pledges and sustainability.

Although I have had this blog since 2005, only the last 5 or so months have been really productive. It all came down to my challenge 2010, it´s simple: I said to myself in january this year;  that I shall restrain myself from buying any new clothes.  After making this decision, I discovered the fantastic online…

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Summer Essentials Sew-Along: The Sundress 1

Simplicity 2362

Traditionally, I´ve been a skirt-sewing gal. I have made a million skirts, and when Me-Made-May came around I found that I really didn´t have much else, so now I´m sewing up mostly tops and dresses (although I can´t resist Beignet, and it is already cut…). The latest result of this is Simplicity 2362, or the…

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Hello, my name is Ceylon.


So, I took some time yesterday and finished Ceylon. It was so much fun sewing this! I love how everything just came together with this one, the instructions were easy to follow, and even though there are quite a bit of parts and pieces and details with this, I never felt lost thanks to the great instructions.…

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I´m so exited! After buying a couple of patterns over at Colette patterns, and reading their blog, I found Zoe´s blog and her fantastic challenge. Every day in May she will (and now I will and a bunch of other crafters will) try to wear something self-made every day of the month of May. I´m…

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My slippers

> My slippers needed a vacation, or actually, they needed retirement. My lovely, warm, cozy slippers needed a replacement. What to do? Well, I digged out my crafting litterature, and in the Swedish book Do Redo : konsten att slakta en tröja, there they were, my new slippers made by recycling an old sweater. I…

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