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Happy Pay a Blogger Day!

Last night, while I was catching up on my reader, I was excited to read about a new social micropayment system called Flattr. It was Diane at CraftyPod who wrote about this initiative.

Now, I love initiatives like this, and went ahead and registered myself as a user today. I love the concept of a Pay a Blogger Day. The concept is this, if you love a blog, go ahead and support it, whether it is by supporting them through Flattr, donate to them through their blog, buy something from their online store, or sign up to one of their classes.

Think about it, not only is it all of the creative and inspiring crafty blogs that should be considered, but even the one´s who take their time and effort and make plug-ins for the blogs, and making all the tech work seamlessly. Consider these amazing people too!

So go ahead, and pay a blogger!

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FESA: The corduroy pants

Edit: I had no idea, but a post over at the Coletterie stated that it is Corduroy Appreciation Day today! Fitting, no? So, I finally finished my corduroy pants! I´ve been wanting to make a rust colored pair since seeing Carolyn´s version. I have already told you about the beginnings of these pants, so here comes the finished… Continue Reading…

15 Responses to FESA: The corduroy pants

  1. They look good Solvi. I love the rust colour and it goes well with the turquoise top. A splash of brightness for winter!

    • Good point, Alana. Another argument for always sew side zips (or back zips are alright too, I guess…)

  2. They look fab! I love the rust corduroy. I especially like the seaming at the bottom– looks great with your lace up boots. I’m going to have to try out a Burda trouser pattern. I hear people say that they are drafted well.

  3. They seem to fit perfectly, and I love how you styled them with ankle boots and the bright top.

  4. They look lovely on you! I really like the rest of that outfit, too. Teal really is your color and the scarf and shoes are pretty!

  5. They must be the most stylish pair of cords ever. The shape really suits you and they look perfect cosy winter wear. Im enjoying the fruity colour too! Great vision- totally worked.

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11 Responses to FESA update: The jersey dress

  1. This is one of those dresses that looks so much better on than in the technical drawing. I love how you styled it so many different ways!

  2. The dress looks nice in all the different styles and I agree with Sigrid that it looks better than in the drawing.The colour looks gorgeous!
    So pleased that you found a copy of the Perry Ellis skirt too!

  3. The dress looks great – I love the colour on you and the versatility. I like the collage too. I can see this being a winter wardrobe staple.

  4. Knit dress love – and the color is great! I’ve had in mind something similar for a polka dot jersey I recently got. I’ll have to check if I own the Burda issue…

  5. Wow! This dress is definitely a winner. I love all the “versions” of your collage, it was a great idea. Fabulous!

  6. Knit dresses are one of my fav things and yours looks great. I love the different ways you’ve styled your dress, looks like you’ll get plenty of wear out of it.

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A FESA update, a refashion and the pants that almost didn´t come to be.

First of all, thank you all so much for the lovely comments on my last post, it prompted me to make another refashion of a shirt! This time a less radical change, I just wanted one of my darlings old crisp white shirts to fit me instead of him. The shirt tucked into the wool… Continue Reading…

9 Responses to A FESA update, a refashion and the pants that almost didn´t come to be.

  1. Solvi, you look stunning as always! What a classy white shirt (and you’re making me yearn to finally try V8604) and all of these fabulous pants!! Love that mustard, so classy, so Marilyn! 😉

  2. First of all, I love your new white blouse refashion [Note to self: Must snatch one of Mr. Stitch’s shirts for myself]. Second, I really like both your pants, especially the wool ones. I’m in awe of accomplished sewists like you who can so competently fit pants. They look great on you.

  3. Love, love, love the new white shirt! I need to go hunting in Mr. Friday’s closet to find one for me! The shorts are terrific and so are the pants!! They look great on you and at first I thought they were Colette Patterns’ Clover! Well done!

  4. The white shirt looks very good with the black trousers. So glam! I admired your shorts in September. And the mustard ones are fabulous – what a great photo of you.

  5. Wow a trouser-a-thon!! The vogues are so classy, and look great with the White shirt. All the reiterations through muslin and shorts to get to your nubby wool mustard trousers show amazing skill to get such a range of wearable beauties. The mustards are very nice- great that you were able to save them.

  6. Oooh, those tweed trousers that nearly weren’t are stunning! What pattern did you use to make them in the end? xxx

  7. Thanks all for the lovely comments!

    @Zoe: I used a pattern from Burda.It´s pattern 117-2009-03.:-)

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Refashioning for the tall

Now, I dont know about you, but I have more than once been fooled by the gorgeous pictures on somebody’s blog where they are showcasing a smart and remarkably good- looking garment, refashioned from a men´s shirt. Just as many times, I have become disappointed about the unsatisfactory result when I try to do something similar. Why oh why isn´t the pretty shirtdress working for… Continue Reading…

0 Responses to Refashioning for the tall

  1. Great refashion! Totally new look and better than those shirtdress refashions I see out there. Definite refashion inspiration! 🙂 Thanks for the step by step too; it helps me grasp some refashion principles more solidly.

  2. Ha! I have the same “problem”! There is never enough material in a shirt to make a dress or a skirt. And I found that I can refashion only shirts without bust darts, like the one you used here. Otherwise the darts hits high over the bust apex and the shirt pulls up on the chest.
    Your blouse turned out very pretty! The fabric is fabulous.

  3. Very cute! I love that you could keep the shoulder seams, sleeves and button! I took a shirt apart to make a neckholder dress but I gave it up until next summer. There barely is enough fabric (and I’m 1.64cm!), I even pieced the sleeves to make the bodice…! 😉

  4. Your new top s cute, and the fact that it’s up-cycled makes it even better. I must confess I’m on the short side of things so I’ve been successful in refashioning a few of my husband’s shirts (who’s extremely tall!) but your notes will be helpful for the next time I find a smallish man shirt at a charity shop – thank you!

  5. You did a great job with this! It is hard to believe fabrics like that were once popular for men–so much more interesting than the boring solids and stripes of today. 🙂 I also LOVE the picture of your earlier New Look 6808 and Beignet skirt. Must add that to my Pinterest style file! 🙂

  6. Wow, a great refashion! I enjoyed Zoe’s as well and I’ve got a stack of men’s shirts in the stash waiting to be tinkered with… 🙂

  7. Cute!!! I have that pattern and every time someone makes it up it makes me think I should try it again. The shirt refashion is fabulous. I have a pile of ladies blouses to refashion, so maybe I’ll experience a similar challenge! Thanks for tips 🙂

  8. Wow, it looks great! And what a wonderful print, loving those 70’s fashions. I’m always so in awe of anyone that refashions because I haven’t got a clue!

  9. Great refashion! I love the print on the shirt and the contrast collar. I bought this pattern after I saw Zoe’s refashion. I’ll be making the sleeveless top with a white collar too. I have the fabric ready, now I just need the time to make it.

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10 Responses to All good things must come to an end

  1. Solvi!! Public photo op buddy! Your pictures absolutely won this time. Like you day, making time is what counts, and it so worked. Seeing them all together they look great with such fab backdrops and great poses, oh, and rather special array of outfits too! You rock!!

  2. You have such a great handmade wardrobe! I really love that knit dress with the granny squares…’s on my to knit list. 🙂

  3. I like so many of your outfits…they are great and you seem to have made lots of me-mades that co-ordinate together so beautifully. I also enjoyed seeing your photos out and about. The knittin glooks good too. x

  4. The photography is what always gets me on these challenges. I think you are right, maybe what is needed is an attitude adjustment regarding photos. Do you use a tripod, or do you have an assistant?

  5. Thanks for the nice comments everyone!

    @Sigrid: I used a tripod for ca. 50% of the photos, the other ones is taken by my darling. I have one large scale tripod, and one small one. The little one is great for when I am on my way, it doesn´t take up much room at all, but gets the job done. Day 11, for example, was taken using the little tripod placed one a bench.

  6. So many great outfits and photos! I really like the shades of blue Sorbetto&Beignet combi (awesome photo, too!) and I’m in love with day 20’s knit dress and day 21’s red trousers outfit!

  7. You looked so wonderful all month! You totally inspire me, thanks for taking part, hope you will do so again next year! xxx

    • Thanks so much! You are an inspiration yourself, and I know I´m in for next round – so much fun! 🙂

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Where´s my stash at?

I was trying to make a pair of shorts the other day, and I thought that I MUST have some appropriate fabric in my stash. After all, shorts doesn´t take that much fabric! I did find some fabric for my shorts. I also found the insight of the necessity of going through my stash. Again. A little… Continue Reading…

0 Responses to Where´s my stash at?

  1. I love your little charts! Sometimes figuring out exactly what you have is the best way to get ideas about what to make next. It’s like shopping, but in your own house. 🙂

  2. Oh, the gloriousness of organization!! How marvellous!! I love the charts, you’ve used, too. Fantastic!! I organize my fabric much the same way, including pulling the ones I want to use and boxing up the rest. 🙂

  3. How inspirational!! You are leading a fine example and are a couple of weeks ( maybe) ahead of me in doing the same. Mine feels like it is in piles just because I know I’m moving sewing rooms soon….. And there will start the grand organisation. It will feel so good. Can’t promise to make charts though!!

  4. I decided earlier this year,after a bit of a lull in sewing over the winter what with having work done to the house amongst other things,that to get rid of a lot of fabric that was just hanging around I would make a rag rug out of it.This was all well and good but then I started to get fabric from charity shops for the rug because the stuff that I did have wasn’t suitable for one reason or another or I just didn’t want to waste it on a rug.And of course buying fabric for the rug meant that I started buying fabric for “other Purposes” and “just in case” and before you know it I am back fanatically sewing and making clothes.My stash is increasing but is nothing like it was a few years ago before I moved to this house.I had so much fabric then and I just gave it all away…stupidly.But when I think of all the fabric that I have acquired in such a short time I think that I really have a problem!
    My rug is nearly finished by the way!!

    • Oh, I hear you on that one! And making a rug! That´s so nice! I´ve been wanting to try that out one day, I actually have a loom as well, but unfortunately no room for it (yet).

    • Well, I had some time last weekend, and thought it was fun to play around with it, I found an online flow chart maker called Gliffy, that was great! 🙂

  5. Oh my goodness, sooo organised – I love it! I definitly need to show the pics of your stash to my boyfriend, who thinks I have too much fabric! lol

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Autumnal sewing plans

When Sarah, Alessa and Ali announced a Fall Essential Sew Along, and doing so by using alliterations like Fashionable Foundations for Frosty Weather  and Chic Chemises for Cool Climates, I knew I had to join. Now, I am trying to keep the selfish sewing limited, so I get more time to sew for others, but some things… Continue Reading…

11 Responses to Autumnal sewing plans

  1. I still haven’t planned my fall sewing! Which is kinda funny, since I’m co-hosting FESA, isn’t it? 😉 Ah, I have some time tomorrow, maybe I’ll manage then… I know I want to make a knit dress or two, and maybe a shirt dress…

  2. What a terrific plan and palette!! I have houndstooth in my stash that I really want to use, too. 🙂 I’m happy you’ve joined FESA 🙂

  3. What a fun palette with a gorgeous mix- I think the yellow silk is the business. I like that you’ve chosen a hat- reminding me to dig out my winter accessory making patterns. Looking forward to following your progress. And I think I might be attempting to knit the same cardi but being such a novice I expect it’ll not be ready this year!!!

  4. Great autumn plan. I like the colour palette. The dresses look great, simple shapes. I am impressed you are going to make a hat. I am making autumn plans but haven’t blogged them yet.

  5. I like your pattern and fabric choices very much, especially the hat. I look forward to seeing how everyone in the FESA group does over the next few weeks.


  6. Love your plans! I hope to keep up with the sewalong, I need some fall staples! I’m glad you like my shorts, I plan to use the pattern for some trousers next!

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The challenge of Me-Made.

Hello folks, today I want to let you know that: ‘I, Sølvi of delfinelise sign up as a participant of Self-Stitched-Sept ’11. I endeavour to wear only self-stitched and refashioned clothing each day for the duration of September 2011’  Me-Made June was for me a difficult month to document, as I was visiting friends and… Continue Reading…

0 Responses to The challenge of Me-Made.

  1. Hurray, I look forward to seeing your photos! I can’t decide if I will participate in S-S-S or not. The weather here in September is so similar to June, I think my challenge would be not to repeat any outfits I wore in Me-Made-June.

  2. So pleased you are playing along again! My plans for upping the ante are similar to yours. I love how these challenges make me think more about the way I combine my clothes, rather than reaching for the standard combinations. Looks like you have some fantastic new dresses you’ve been making recently to add to your self-stitched arsenal! xxx

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Stash bustin´: an update.

Hi there everyone, are you enjoying June so far? I´ve been away a lot, unable to access internet for long periods of time, and whenever I take a glance in me RSS feeder, you´ve all managed to produce 250 new blog posts. Phew! There is a lot of activity going on, that´s for sure!  … Continue Reading…

0 Responses to Stash bustin´: an update.

  1. ooohhh lovely finds! Good idea about buying more buttons! I’m trying to use up my fabric stash as well and have some great pieces, but like you tend to need neutrals, etc. I have tons of wool which will be perfect for Autumn!

  2. Great new fabric, I’d love to go fabric shopping in Paris sometime!

    There is a certain art to stashing. It sounds like you and I have opposite problems- plenty of decent cottons and some good linens, but finding good woolen fabric on the sheep continent is surprisingly difficult…

  3. Nice fabrics! It is good when you stash pieces you love, isn’t it?
    I have lots of space taken by fabrics I got from friends that I would never have bought because the colors don’t work for me. So I decided to use them to make muslins. Another great way of stashbusting, especially when you don’t have sewing friends in the neighborhood to swap. But that means going out for the perfect fabric for the real garment (now that there is room for it, right?)!
    Here we have some nice fabric stores with fabrics of all kinds, mostly from Italy and Turkey. What I struggle with is finding bright colors!
    Right now, as I started sewing again, I’m doing it the stashbusting way. 🙂 As far as I can remember, this year I bought only 1 meter of knit I fell in love with. Because of the colors, yes! But I agree that, if one finds something irresistible, why leave the lovely piece in the shop?

  4. Yes, that is a great tip about the buttons. I have tons of buttons, but may only have three or four which I can’t use on anything. And of course you have to buy fabric when in Paris 🙂

  5. Of course a trip to Paris needs to be an exception to all stash-busting rules! 🙂 Personally, I haven’t bought any new fabric this year, so I’m pleased about that. You make a good point about buying larger quantities of buttons! Sometimes I find cute buttons and can’t resist them, and then I still have them years later because I only have three or four.

  6. My stash is continually growing, too. Then again, I usually think of a project I want to make when I buy the fabric, so I roughly buy enough to make that, and I have a rudimentary plan of what to do with it. Which just means that my sewing queue is about 30 projects long, and determined by the fabrics I find… 😉

  7. I too am attempting something similar. My stash has currently gone beyond a 6-shelf bookcase, and 5 VERY large rubbermaid bins. It’s been so hard to not purchase, especially as I walk by a fabric store every day coming home from work. 🙁 But I promised my husband I would whittle down the supply so he could have his half of the closet back.

    I have been better about throwing away scraps though. I used to hang on to every little piece with the idea I would use it somewhere down the road. But the truth is that I don’t really.

  8. Some people say they can buy one piece of fabric for every 2 they use. That seems like a good policy! Right now I am trying very hard to only use fabric from my stash, but sometimes what I have and what I’m making don’t agree! I can especially relate to having small pieces – when I want to make a dress I have to go and buy the fabric. So sad! I guess I need to make lots of separates and children’s clothes to reduce some more 🙂

  9. My stash was made much bigger when I inherited loads of fabric from a friend of my mum’s. I have been trying to use it as I have so little storage space. It keeps spilling out of boxes and drawers. I have used quite a bit for clothes but there were not any plains except for cream calico. So I have bought some plain fabric recently but I only buy fabric for a specific project and use it quite quickly. I have got several piece of tweed to use from the inherited collection.

  10. I am trying not to buy anymore fabric untill i have used up some of mine, we live in a tiny place and it is everywhere, not that i mind 🙂 Have a lovely weekend!

  11. I have found the same thing with buttons, I was always buying four, what is that about?! Sounds like you’ve made some very useful discoveries about your fabric buying habits and fabric usage, knowledge is power!


  12. ooooh pretty fabrics!! i love the 12 button advice, i need to adopt that myself. as for the stash management, my strategy seems to be to try and fold my stash smaller and smaller to fit it into my cabinet or to force it all to fit by hanging fabrics on hangers or stuffing them in boxes 🙂 it all has to fit in my sewing corner, but i have started expanding up since i can’t go out!

  13. Stash-busting is one of my main tasks on the good old ‘things to do’ list at the moment. I’m working in a very little space, and all my fabric lives in a pile at the bottom of my wardrobe… not ideal. The arrangement’s silver lining (a thing sliver of a lining) is that it forces me to be really organised – this is something I’m trying to get to grips with at the moment by ironing, cutting and filing all of my fabric (as a quilter, this is a little more straightforward). Please do keep blogging about stash management – I’m sure there are a million other clever little things I can do to keep on top of the huge mound of fabric!

  14. Great post! I’m on my ration challenge this year and it’s been hard not to buy new fabrics, though it does feel good to dip into my stash. I’m just amazed that, for so many options at home, I often don’t feel like sewing with any of it. Agreed with you on thrift store shopping (so random!) and planning (always a better way to get through the fabric store :).

  15. Hi Solvi,
    Just checking in as you haven’t posted for a while – I’ve been offline for ages & hope that you aren’t suffering forced offline through technicals. If you are I truly sympathise! Maybe though, you are just making your way through your wonder stash …I’ll keep watching.
    Anyway, if you are online, I’m back now too, but with a slightly different address that might not get picked up in your reader
    Hope to hear all’s well

  16. HI! I know I’ve already commented on this post, but i thought of another tip. I’ve found recently that going through all my fabric regularly, even having it all somewhere semi-visible has been really helping me to remember what I already have. I’ve found that now it’s not all ‘out of sight, out of mind’, lots more ideas are springing up about what to do with certain pieces. Good luck! xxxx

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