challenge 2010

Empire State of Mind

Today I got the final evidence of my new approach to clothing. I don´t know how it is everywhere else in the world, but here in Sweden you can become a member of hmclub, a bonus shopping program if you´re a regular shopper at H&M stores. Today, in my mailbox I found a letter from…

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2010 – my challenge in review

2010 was the year where I decided it was time to stop spending on clothes, and spend more time sewing.  About a year ago I decided to not buy anything new. This would allow me to: I will be more creative – since I can’t buy new clothes, I will have to make them myself…

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My grand plan: The floral skirt

Quarter circle skirt

Windy outside today, perhaps? Back in May, when I bought the fabric to the Rosie dress, I noticed that the floral print was available in other colors as well. Back then I thought it was a bit over the top to buy it, and let it go. The fabric used on the Rosie dress Turns…

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My dress assistant is here!

There is progress! I followed some of the great advice I got on my previous post (thanks ladies!) and now I have two full bags of clothes ready to be shipped away to new, more deserving owners. Oh joy! There is space in my closet again! I also came up with an idea to how…

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Pledges and sustainability.

Although I have had this blog since 2005, only the last 5 or so months have been really productive. It all came down to my challenge 2010, it´s simple: I said to myself in january this year;  that I shall restrain myself from buying any new clothes.  After making this decision, I discovered the fantastic online…

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Self- Stitched September 2010: A summary

For SSS my pledge looked like this: “I, Sølvi of delfinelise, sign up as a participant of Self-Stitched-September. I endeavor to wear only handmade and refashioned of clothing, except underwear, sportswear, shoes and rainwear, every day for the duration of September 2010.” Did I succeed in keeping my pledge? Well, more or less I did, with one exception that I…

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Self-Stitched September – halfway through

Day 17 When I joined Me-Made May back in April, I didn´t have a clue about how it was going to change my whole sewing experience. I had no idea that there were so many fantastic people out  there, sewing beautiful and creative stuff, writing interesting and thought provoking blogs, and supporting each other in a way…

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I am a colourlover

During summer and early autumn different bloggers have been talking about color and palettes and which colors that looks most flattering on them. Tonight, I was sketching on some ideas for my autumn/winter sewing, and when I finished the drawing, I saw to my surprise that it mainly consisted of five colors. Black, navy, red,…

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Refashioning and the finishing of a jacket (or two)

Burda Easy Fashion autumn 2005

Since I came back to Uppsala, I first thought that I was super prepared for SSS. Now that September is here, I see that I have mistaken a closet full of self-made items with a closet full of useful autumn-y clothes. So, I have been doing some refashioning and some finishing of old UFO´s and…

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