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FESA FO: The knit pencil skirt


Burdastyle pencil skirt

Serger Love

Imagine that. I have a serger again. My serger broke, slowly but steadily during the winter months, and since February I have been without. When it finally did break all together, I feared it was nothing to be done, so I delayed taking it to the shop, because I was afraid of what they would find. When I finally found the nerve to deliver it though, it took them a week, and then it was good as new!

To celebrate my newly homecoming serger, I splurged on some knits. I know my last post was all about stash busting, but my knit stash was basically non-excisting, and so I decided to get some nice and warm knits for fall.

First Fall Make

My first make this autumn was this pretty and practical pencil skirt, the pattern is BurdaStyle 07-2012-120. It´s a pattern I have made once before, and the skirt I made then has seen lots of wear.

An old trusty friend

Since I had made this once before, I pretty much knew what to expect. The biggest difference is of course my fabric choice. While my last version was in a steady cotton sateen without any stretch (from Offset Warehouse), this version, I made in a ponte double knit I found at Rainbow Tekstil here in Oslo. This particular fabric had a high viscose rayon content compared to polyester, which is something I prefer. The lower poly-content, the better, in my opinion.



Curved darts

My favorite part of this skirt pattern is perhaps the front darts. They are as you can see from the tech- drawing, and not so much in the bright sunlight in the picutre above, curved. This makes for a particularly flattering waist design, in my opinion.


Woven fabric pattern for knits

I really wanted the structure and stability that I love in a woven garment, all tangled up with the cosy-ness and comfort you get with a knit. That´s why I chose a pattern for wovens, with darts and a back seam, instead of just stitching up a tube, although it would have been easier.



To conclude – this is a new favorite! It´s perfect for biking, it´s warm and cozy but at the same time elegant enough for work. Since the pictures were taken, I have made one slight adjustment, and that is to take it in a pinch in the waistline, as it was little too big. How is your September sewing coming along?


8 Responses to FESA FO: The knit pencil skirt

  1. Ooh lovely autumn colour Solvi! It looks great too. I like the idea of using a woven pattern for a knit to get a better shape & fit. I haven’t done much sewing recently except one jersey pencil skirt which sadly went bobbly straight away – think I need to invest in some low poly content ponte too!

    • Thanks, Kathryn. The color was what drew me to this fabric in the first place. Sorry about the bobbly-ness in your skirt, I made one in a knit that was too thin once, but I now use it as a slip for other knit skirts, so it didn´t turn out all that bad after all. 🙂

  2. Stunning! And ponte double knit – delicious! I have a length of red ponte to make a Lady Skater dress.

    You look fabulous, of course, and are perfectly right about those really cool curved darts. What an interesting design feature 🙂

    • Thank you! Love to see your Lady Skater stitched up, I´ve made it once, but found it wasn´t for me, regardless of all the beautiful versions that are out there. For me, the Renfrew neckline works better than the one on the Lady Skater. Also, I made it in a rayon jersey that was too slippery for the skirt. It is definitely a good pattern though, and using ponte for it is an excellent idea! 🙂

  3. oh la la!! you look stunning! and i love the cut adn darts on this skirt. burda does have some gems… you did an amazing job with the fitting, and the lenght is perfect. super classy, even styled so casually like you did!

    • Thank you! I am a big time burda fan, and this one is a favorite. Actually, I made up another version right after this one, so now I have three. 🙂

  4. Ooooh, I like this, it’s gorgeous and looks fantastic on you! Great colour, and I bet it’s so cosy as a knit

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FO: A shockingly pink linen shirt

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5 Responses to FO: A shockingly pink linen shirt

    • Thanks Shelly – I am actually wondering about buying some more of this fabric – I´d love a dress in this color too…

  1. Oh this is just the coolest shirt. I’ve always loved Morgan’s orange shirt, but this hot pink one is just the money. Yes, buy more of this fabric 🙂

    • Thanks -I think I might. I wore it all day today and it didn´t even wrinkle much (for linen, that is). It´s a keeper! 🙂

  2. Hi Solvi… Your shirt is totally darling and you look great on it. I love the side tab and the fabric color.
    Good job!

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10 Responses to Sølvi and the Summer Dresses: BurdaStyle 12-2006-113

  1. What a gorgeous dress. I love the colours of the floral print,and it looks great on you. Funnily I have been thinking about styles I never wear or make snd strappy tops or dresses are one thing I never ever wear. Maybe I need to try one just for a change? xx

    • Thank you. I am all about trying new stuff som why no try out some strappy tops and dresses? I am sure you would look great in it! 🙂

  2. A wonderful summery dress! I’m totally in love with the fabric. 🙂 Hope you’ll have lots of occasions to wear it this year!

  3. Super pretty!!! I really hope it’s sunny enough for you to wear it, or at least layer it into an outfit during MMM’13 xxx

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Exploring New Territories: Boxiness.

First of all: Happy International Women's Day everybody! The online sewing community rock, and is an excellent output for preserving and at the same time developing activities that traditionally are tied to women. We are keeping female history alive by engaging in sewing, knitting, embroidering and crocheting. Keep up the good work everyone! With that… Continue Reading…

0 Responses to Exploring New Territories: Boxiness.

  1. The blouse looks great! I think it’s always a good idea to try new things, at least once, because you never know what you might discover – a new favorite maybe!

  2. I really like your version of this blouse! It looks great. I’ve been really into un-fitted waists recently but am starting to feel interested in more blouson and fitted shapes.

  3. I’m like you–I like to emphasis the waist. It took me a while to realize that was the silhouette that I’m most attracted to, and the one that is most flattering on me. Now that I know, I’m reluctant to branch out from that, for fear of wasting my time making an unflattering garment!

  4. Love it. I’ve always really liked that pattern. I like the fact that you could wear this one either way; un-tucked and boxy or tucked in. It’s a really pretty shirt.

  5. Thanks for the thoughts everyone, it’s always nice to hear your different opinions on style and shape. And thank you for the compliments too, I might try this kind of style more!:-)

  6. I really like this on you! I’ve eyed this patter too – I really love the tucks at the shoulders. You chose great buttons – very cute and fun, which makes the whole outfit work!

  7. The new blouse looks lovely on you – fresh and pretty. I think it will be great in warmer months. I have worn loose shaped tops for the last couple of years but am trying to sew some more fitted ones now. xx

  8. Oh it looks lovely on you! You can totally rock this style. Untucked it looks really comfy and casual, but the delicate fabric choice and pretty buttons keep it from looking masculine. It’s not a really loose style, it’s still firmly planted in ‘ladies wear’! For full Audrey, you could wear this with some capri pants and ballet flats? LOVE the hair, BTW xxx

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10 Responses to FO: Fairtrade pencil skirt.

  1. Oh wow! The yellow belt makes it look so “fashion” and yet it has a vintage air to it too. I would never have known the fabric was from Offset – I passed over this print assuming it was for upholstery – but you look NOTHING like an armchair in it! 😉

  2. I love the skirt and the print. Did you use a special type of interfacing to avoid the waistline rolling over? I read a review on Burdastyle from Frabjous Couture that said she use boning.

  3. Thanks everyone!
    @Sewing Princess: I didn´t use any special type of interfacing, just the regular one I usually use, a woven cotton one, not especially thin nor thick. I just understitched the facing and tacked it in place. 🙂

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That´s Sew Cinematic: Hudsucker Proxy

I can’t believe it’s June already, and I haven’t shown you any of my Sew Cinematic creations! Just a little recap, my inspiration for this sew-along looks a little something like this:  So far, I have made the cropped jacket from Hudsucker Proxy and the shirt and trousers from The Last Time I Saw Paris. All… Continue Reading…

12 Responses to That´s Sew Cinematic: Hudsucker Proxy

  1. Such a beautiful jacket! I would have imagined this jacket was boxy based on the pattern drawing, but yours looks very flattering and feminine. Lovely!

  2. Brilliant jacket ! It looks the perfect cover up & I think I too am swooning for the back pleat. It’s a great shape on you – really suits you – how great that it’s so practical yet stylish!

  3. I just love this on you! I’ve been eyeing this pattern — probably not a great choice for my shape but such great details, the length, the back, etc. Modern but retro (and versatile to boot!), just lovely.

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OWOP: Day one

I don’ t think I’ve mentioned that I’m taking part in the One Week, One Pattern challenge. A bunch of sewers are wearing garments that are different versions of the same pattern for one whole week. I have chosen a pencil skirt pattern from BurdaStyle Magazine, pattern number 107 from the 2011 February issue, to… Continue Reading…

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26 Responses to Markal/Shiva Paint Stiks are awesome!

  1. I looks amazing on my computer. That’s a great outfit, the effect of kimono style sweater over the painted skirt is great.

  2. That looks great! I especially like the colors against the dark denim. have you tried using texture plates? They are also fun to use with the paints.

    • No, I haven´t tried texture plates yet, but they look very interesting. I´d like to try them out at some point. 🙂

    • Do it! I loved what you did with the colors on your painted jacket, so I´m guessing you can come up with something fantastic using these as well! 🙂

  3. They look like fun – i have just let the kids use fabric paints and pens uptil now. You make me think it is my turn to use them now! I like the effect on the denim skirt and a lovely coloured blouse on you. x

  4. How fun is that! I’ve thought about designing fabric via spoonflower but this looks much more fun and spontaneous. What a great, comfy sweater too 🙂

    • I´ve been dabbling with some spoonflower ideas too, I´ve used it a couple of times for small projects, but it is rather expensive, especially with the shipping over here too. So this is a much more economical solution. 😉

  5. Wow, how very cool! I love the iridescent look on the denim! The cardi is very lovely, too! I just bought my first alpaca wool (well, part-alpaca sock wool) and it’s so soft! 🙂

  6. Woweeeee! I love the effect on the denim – it looks very effective, but totally in tune with your “FUN” theme. That cardigan is causing me to drool …..I am off to check it out!

    • Thanks! The cardigan is made up rather quickly, garter stitches and raglan sleeves – super easy!

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