All good things must come to an end

And so September is over.  First of all, thank you so much Zoe for arranging this again, and thanks to all of the other participants for the inspiration and encouraging comments!

I have to say, making the photographing part into a fun thing instead of a necessary task was really the best thing I´ve done this time around. Everything is just so much more fun when I´m not forcing myself to take photos in a hurry!

SSS´11: Days 16-30

On dressing only in me made´s, I am now in a place where that isn´t much of a problem. I wear at least one me made garment each day the rest of the year anyway, and my goal is to have a well- fitted and coordinated wardrobe consisting mostly of handmade and second hand garments. I feel that I am well on my way towards that goal!

I have a few favorite outfits I´d like to share with you. First up is day 11.

SSS´11: Day 19
Day 11

I have somehow wound up with a wardrobe full of blue garments. I love blue, but making blue stuff isn´t something I have consciously planned to do, it just happened! When I put this outfit together, I was surprised by how good the color of the Sorbetto went together with the navy Beignet. I have mostly been wearing the Sorbetto with contrasting colors, but I rather like this color combo too!

SSS´11: Day 27
Day 27

The second outfit is more teal and blue, this time paired with the tuxedo shirt. I have, for some reason, been hesitant to wear shorts with tights earlier years, but I am loving the casual feel of it. And it´s a good excuse to show off tights in bright colors! I have yet to write a review on these shorts, so look out for that!

The last outfit I´d like to highlight is day 17.

SSS´11:Day 17
Day 17

This outfit was very comfortable, I really loved the flowy top and skirt together, and the Garden Trellis mitts (Ravelry link) are keeping me warm. The skirt is refashioned from this dress. I never became satisfied with the fit of that dress, so I thought it would get more wear as a skirt.

The only item I felt like got a bit too heavy rotation (although it matches as surprisingly large amount of my wardrobe) was my only autumn appropriate me made scarf. It is just a square of polyester chiffon tied around my neck, and I would love to make some new ones in natural fabrics, just to get some variation. I haves started, by casting on a lace knit shawl, the Dew Drops Shawl (Ravelry link) by Bex Hopkins. This is how far I´ve come:

Dew drops progress
Dew Drops Shawl

The pattern is really fun, and is supposed to resemble dew drops. I´ve seen some gorgeous versions on Ravelry, and can´t wait for mine to be finished! I am using a yarn I bought last year at the crafters fair, Syfestivalen.  The yarn is made from recycled wool, and I am loving the colors!

I have made some progress on FESA, I just need to take some decent pics, and then I´ll share it with you all!


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  1. Solvi!! Public photo op buddy! Your pictures absolutely won this time. Like you day, making time is what counts, and it so worked. Seeing them all together they look great with such fab backdrops and great poses, oh, and rather special array of outfits too! You rock!!

  2. You have such a great handmade wardrobe! I really love that knit dress with the granny squares…’s on my to knit list. 🙂

  3. I like so many of your outfits…they are great and you seem to have made lots of me-mades that co-ordinate together so beautifully. I also enjoyed seeing your photos out and about. The knittin glooks good too. x

  4. The photography is what always gets me on these challenges. I think you are right, maybe what is needed is an attitude adjustment regarding photos. Do you use a tripod, or do you have an assistant?

  5. Thanks for the nice comments everyone!

    @Sigrid: I used a tripod for ca. 50% of the photos, the other ones is taken by my darling. I have one large scale tripod, and one small one. The little one is great for when I am on my way, it doesn´t take up much room at all, but gets the job done. Day 11, for example, was taken using the little tripod placed one a bench.

  6. So many great outfits and photos! I really like the shades of blue Sorbetto&Beignet combi (awesome photo, too!) and I’m in love with day 20’s knit dress and day 21’s red trousers outfit!

  7. You looked so wonderful all month! You totally inspire me, thanks for taking part, hope you will do so again next year! xxx

    • Thanks so much! You are an inspiration yourself, and I know I´m in for next round – so much fun! 🙂

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