>When I was a little girl, I owned a small ceramic pot where I could store my precious jewelry. Written across the front were the words: Rings & things. I think there were some flowers on it too. I really liked it.

I think it looked a little something like this:

Now I think my mother uses it, and all my rings & things fill up a whole bureau.
I, off course, am the only one to blame. In addition to buying a tremendous amount of stuff, I make things too. And that’s what this blog is about. Me making stuff. Stuff of any kind.

I got the inspiration from futuregirl, who has an amazing blog about her craftiness. My blog’s been around for quite a while, but I haven’t updated it as often as I would have liked, mostly because I didn’t really have a theme. But now I do: my stuff making.

So, stay tuned for more of me and my rings & things.

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